Center for Engaged Learning

Center for Engaged Learning

Undergraduate education at Illinois Wesleyan University is distinguished by its commitment to student success and student engagement, and by its vision of the lifelong value of a liberal education to the individual and to our society.

By “student engagement,” we refer to our students’ investment in, active participation in, and commitment to their learning both in and beyond the classroom. We demonstrate our commitment to student engagement though our promotion of the curricular and co-curricular opportunities, also known as “high-impact educational practices,” that research has shown to have a positive impact on student success, persistence to degree completion, and transition to further education or career opportunities. At Illinois Wesleyan, these practices form the foundation of programs including, but not limited to: first-year experience; course clusters; writing-intensive courses; information literacy instruction; undergraduate research; study abroad; community engagement and experiential learning; and other signature experiences.  We recognize student engagement in these programs as a strong foundation for the pursuit of post-baccalaureate opportunities, and pursue these practices within the broader context of a liberal education designed to “[foster] creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, strength of character and a spirit of inquiry” that will last a lifetime.

The Center for Engaged Learning is a strategic initiative of the Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty designed to:


The Center for Engaged Learning coordinates, promotes, and strengthens opportunities for students to participate in distinctive educational programs in the classroom and the community while also ensuring access to faculty, staff, and peers who can help to support their success in the classroom and beyond.


The Center for Engaged Learning brings members of the Illinois Wesleyan University community together to support student success, innovation in teaching and scholarship, and a commitment to the value of a liberal education.


The Center for Engaged Learning is guided by its commitment to the values of:

The Center for Engaged Learning pursues this mission and vision through three major program areas:

The Center for Engaged Learning is currently building a comprehensive web site designed to ensure awareness and access to all “engaged learning” programs at the university, as well as “applied learning” opportunities available on campus and in the community.

The inaugural project of the Center for Engaged Learning - Titan Central - is launching in Fall 2019. Additional projects and programs will develop during 2019-20 to complement and extend the work of the university's Strategic Planning Working Groups.

For more information on the Center for Engaged Learning, please contact Scott Walter, University Librarian, or Deborah Halperin, Director, Action Research Center, and Chair of the Active and Engaged Learning Working Group.