Titans Vote

National Voter Registration Day

Tuesday Sept 22nd is National Voter Registration Day! It is the day where Student Senate and Athletics will be launching our Titan Votes campaign. Post pictures of you voting on Instagram with #Titanvotes2020 or tag both @iwusports and @iwusenate or email photos to iwusports@gmail.com to be entered into a raffle! Prizes include: under armor gear, IWU tumblers, and a monetary donation to a nonprofit of your choice.

In the 2016 election, 44% of eligible voters did not vote. If “Did Not Vote” had been a candidate, they would have won in a landslide! Nearly one third of eligible voters are college-aged. Your vote is important and powerful!

Where do I vote?

You have the right to register and vote at either your local (IWU) or permanent (home) address. When deciding where to vote, consider which location you feel most connected to and informed about.

How do I register to vote?

  • If you plan to vote in Illinois, you can register to vote online via the Illinois Board of Elections. The deadline to register to vote through an online platform is October 18, 2020.
  • Unsure if you’re already registered to vote in Illinois? You can check your status here.

Vote by Mail vs. Voting in Person

Voting by mail is ideal if you won’t be in the town you wish to vote at on election day, or if you simply want to maintain social distancing due to COVID. Unlike some states, Illinois does not require an “excuse” to vote by mail; any registered Illinois voter may request a mail in ballot.

To vote by mail in Illinois, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website and follow their instructions to generate your county-specific vote by mail request form. Mail this completed form to the local election authority - and make sure they receive it no later than October 29, 2020!
Stamps: If you need a single stamp, you can avoid buying an entire booklet by stopping by the Business Office in Holmes 103.

If you wish to vote in person, many election authorities offer early voting beginning in October. Find out if your election authority offers in person early voting by looking up your local election authority.

Of course, you can also vote in person on election day, at your local polling place. Locate your polling place here.

What if I want to vote in another state?

The vote by mail process varies from state to state. To find out how to vote by mail in your home state, start here.


If you still have questions about voting, contact Bevin Choban in the Action Research Center.
bchoban@iwu.edu | Office: (309) 556-1201 | Cell: (815) 735-1725