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Tutoring at IWU

Tutoring is for ALL students. At IWU, many tutors are available to support all aspects of learning.

Subject Peer Tutors

Whether you’re seeking to improve your test scores, or simply to gain a deeper understanding of course material, a peer tutor can help. Many departments offer subject-specific tutoring one-on-one or in recurring small group settings. To find a tutor, check your course syllabus or connect with your professor. We have a list of tutors by academic department here.

The Writing Center

Located on the first floor of The Ames Library, The Writing Center helps students with all the stages of the writing process, from those first rough ideas through prewriting, collecting supporting material, drafting, and final editing and proofreading. Writing Center tutors are available to help you to improve your writing for courses in all subjects, as well as for co-curricular and pro-professional projects. 

To schedule an appointment with a Writing Center tutor, click here.


World Languages

The Language Resource Center is located on the third floor the Center for the Liberal Arts. The LRC provides faculty and students with computer and audio-visual support for learning additional languages, as well as peer-to-peer tutoring sessions in  ASL, Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish . The LRC is a language community space that supports language pedagogy training and experiential learning opportunities for the appreciation of world languages and cultures.


Are you interested in becoming a tutor?

IWU is always interested in hiring tutors to serve our campus. Tutors will receive training and supervision to ensure a high-quality tutoring experience for everyone. Some of our best tutors were not the best students in their class but they worked hard, learned new skills, and practiced the discipline needed to excel. Please send an email to with your interest and the right department will follow up.