The Language Resource Center

About The Language Resource Center (LRC)

The Language Resource Center at Buck 107 

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Located in Buck Memorial Library Room 107, the Language Resource Center (LRC) at Illinois Wesleyan University provides students with facilities for technology-assisted activities in the world languages as well as tutoring in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin & Greek, and Spanish.  

Resources & Equipment available at the LRC:

  • Windows workstations.
  • Macintosh workstations.
  • VHS viewing stations.
  • Laser printer.
  • Multi-standard VCR/DVD. 
  • Printed bilingual dictionaries and grammar resources for language study. 
  • Vocabulary-building activities and strategy games in different languages.


Thank You Languages

If you would like to become a language tutor, please fill out an application at the LRC (Buck 107). 

Students who wish to have language papers reviewed by a tutor should
sign up for at least two consecutive 20-minute sessions.

Tutor Sign Up

Instructions for using the Tutor Sign Up (pdf)

¡Háblame! Program

hablame program 

The Department of Hispanic Studies hires conversation tutors for the ¡Háblame! Program. Under this program, students in Spanish 201 and Spanish 203 are required to sign up for a 15 minute guided conversation every week.
If you would like to become an ¡Háblame! tutor, please contact the LRC Student Coordinator Suzie Smeeton (309) 556-3044. 

Online Resources


LRC Hours 

 LRC center picture

LRC Semester Regular Hours 

8:00 am-10:00 pm
Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday, Closed
Sunday, 1:00-10:00 pm

LRC Holiday Hours

Labor Day: close  Friday  at  4 pm , re-open Tuesday at  8 am
Fall Break day: close  Thursday  at  4 pm , re-open  Monday  at  8 am 
Thanksgiving: close Tuesday at  noon , re-open  Monday  at 8:00 am 
Winter Break: close day of last finals at  noon , re-open first day of classes at 8 am
Spring Break: close at  noon  on Friday , re-open  Monday  morning at  8 am
The LRC will be closed during May Term and summer

 LRC Contact 

LRC left view 

Dr. Carmela Ferradáns

Hispanic Studies, Chair

Dr. Scott Sheridan

French, German, Italian, and Japanese, Chair

Suzie Smeeton   (309) 556-3044

LRC Student Coordinator 

Student Desk: (309) 556-3298