Rising Titan (Summer Orientation)

A one-day summer orientation experience where students will register for fall 2021 classes, engage in reflective conversations about their college experience, and meet Titan Orientation Leaders.

Registration for Rising Titan is now open to all committed students. Please check your IWU email for registration information.

Registration for all June orientation sessions will end on May 31 at midnight.

Registration for the July 23 orientation session will end on July 15 at midnight.

Rising Titan is a required program for all incoming students, including international students.

All times listed are in Central Standard Time (CST). Please be mindful of timezone changes.

Dates for Rising Titan:
  • Thursday, June 10 (in-person)
  • Monday, June 14 (virtual)
  • Thursday, June 17 (virtual)
  • Monday, June 21 (in-person)
  • Friday, July 23 (virtual)


Rising Titan 2021

Tentative Schedule of Events


8.30 - 9.00 am: Breakfast

9.00 - 9.30 am: Introduction and Welcome  

9.30 - 10.45 am: Defining the College Experience

  • A collegiate experience should help students identify and contextualize their education with respect to their goals and aspirations. This session asks students to think about their four-year experience with respect to their curricular and cocurricular goals. Students will also be introduced to academic requirements.

10.45 - 11.30 am: Debrief w/ TOLs

  • Titan Orientation Leaders (TOLs) are IWU student-leaders at IWU who are sources of support and information for incoming students. TOLs play a major role in facilitating the adjustment of new students and their families to the IWU community. In this session, incoming students will have opportunities to ask TOLs questions about campus resources, academics, and professional and social life at IWU.

11.30 am - 12 noon: Pre-registration/advising preparation

  • In this session, incoming students will prepare materials for their advising appointments in the afternoon.

12.00 noon to 1.00 pm: Lunch w/ TOLs


For the afternoon sessions, students will be assigned orientation groups which will rotate through these sessions every 30-minutes.

1.00 - 1.30 pm Registering for classes
with registration advisor
Transitioning from
High School to
Thriving during your
College Experience
1.30 - 2.00 pm
2.00 - 2.30 pm
2.30 - 3.00 pm
3.00 - 3.30 pm

Registering for classes with registration advisor:

  • Incoming students will register for Fall 2021 classes with their registration advisors. Students will have a schedule of classes once they leave this session.

Transitioning from High School to College:

  • Have you ever thought about the many differences between high school and college? Some of these changes will be unique to you while some changes will be more universal in nature. In this session, incoming students will explore the process of transitioning to college.

Thriving during your College Experience:

  • As members of the IWU community we not only want you to succeed but also help you thrive as a Titan. In this session, incoming students will be introduced to skills and resources which can help you thrive during your college experience.

Transforming Communities:

  • IWU will define your college experience just as much as you will define the IWU community. In this session incoming students will discover opportunities to transform their campus and communities.

3.30 - 3.45 pm: Break

3.45 - 4.30 pm: Debrief and Key Reminders


All times listed are in Central Standard Time (CST). Please be mindful of timezone changes.


Follow the Incoming Class of 2021 page to meet fellow incoming Titans and stay on top of announcements.

Please refer to these pages regularly as schedule and activities are subject to change in response to state, federal, and public health guidelines.