May Term Housing

After the spring semester ends at the end of April, we have a small amount of students come back for May Term to take a course, work full-time, or participate in their spring athletic competitions. Because of the small amount of students on campus, we consolidate all students to only a couple buildings during May Term. This is due to starting of building maintenance/renovation early or for Conference Services to use other buildings during this month.

three pictures put together of state farm hall, dodds hall, and presser hall

Residence hall students enrolled in a one unit academic May Term course will be permitted to stay on campus during May Term. There is NO additional room or board charge for students enrolled in May Term who resided in a University residence hall or university owned fraternity home for both fall and spring semesters.

May Term room and board charges are waived  for students who continue their residence hall housing from the fall and spring semester and also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Successfully complete a May Term course
  • Work full-time for the University (recording no less than 35 hours per week or 100 hours for all of May Term

For current May Term room and board costs see the Financial Aid Information here.