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IWU Apartment Selection Information

The Gates and East Street Apartments are university owned apartment complexes located off-campus, but are approved “on-campus” housing for IWU Students. The per person cost is found on the Tuition and Fees page and is priced per semester and includes all utilities. The Gates apartments are fully furnished (including full sized beds), university internet, a dishwasher, and include an in-unit washer/dryer. East Street Apartments include bedroom furniture (including full sized beds), university internet, and shared in-building laundry room.

Starting Fall of 2019, men that are members of fraternities with university-owned houses will be required to live in their houses through Junior year. This means that fraternity men are not eligible to live in the Gates or East Street Apartments during their Junior year unless their fraternity house reaches the occupancy as specified by the Director of Residential Life and the Director of Student Involvement. Fraternity members with 6 or more semesters living on campus (who would be eligible to live off campus) can apply to live in an apartment without prior approval from the Office of Student Involvement.

The Gates Apartments Info      East Street Apartments Info

How do I sign up?

Applications are electronic, and are live and ready in MyHousing. For step by step instructions, Check out this Video. Priority for choosing apartments is based on the groups below, as well as course units.

Once I sign up, am I locked in?

A student signing a housing agreement enters into a contractual obligation with the University for the academic year. Once this agreement is signed (AND APARTMENT/ROOM CHOSEN), no release from those obligations will be granted . Students are able to change rooms to any university owned facilities within the contract, as the contract is not for a specific room/apartment.

Apartment Selection Timeline

10/24/2023 – Apartment Applications open (Contract is not considered signed until students choose an apartment).

  • Fill out application/sign contract online in MyHousing
  • Add roommates in MyHousing, and all requested roommates mutually agree
  • Apartments will be chosen on the schedule below. Priority for choosing apartments is based course units completed and the tiers below, randomized within tiers. See the course unit tiers below.

11/8/2023 (at 11:59pm) - Applications Due and Roommates Setup

  • Application filled out online in MyHousing
  • All Roommates set up and 'Fully Matched' in MyHousing

11/10/2023 - Apartment Selection times sent to students

11/14/2023 – Apartment/Room Selection starting at 4:00 PM:

  • Times will be set up by the number of course units, randomized in tiers as described below
  • In order to get a time/select,  students be able to can fill apartment  (4 students for Gates, 2 students for East Street)

If apartments are available after groups who can fill an apartment, groups who could not fill the apartment will be contacted in order.

Apartment Selection Times and Distribution

Once students complete the appropriate application, ORL staff place all students/applications into tiers based on course units earned. Students are then randomized within the tiers, and then assigned a selection time.  For example, if there are 100 seniors in Tier 1, each student has an equal chance of receiving the 1st time to 100th time. Students housing selection times will be available in MyHousing, and an email will be sent to their IWU email when times are ready. Emails are sent a few days in advance of the start of room selection.

The housing selection process are set up in this way to assure that seniors have first preference. Students within each course unit range are assigned a time to select an apartment randomly so that every person has the same chance of choosing first or choosing last within the course-unit range.  The following chart shows the class tier, and the corresponding unit-hour levels (adapted from IWU course catalog):


Class tier Credit-hour range
Senior Tier I 27.5 or more
Senior Tier II 24.00 - 27.49
Junior Tier I 18.5 - 23.99
Junior Tier II 15.00 - 18.49
Sophomore Tier I 11.00 - 14.99
Sophomore Tier II 7.00 - 10.99
Freshmen Tier I 3.00 - 6.99
Freshmen Tier II  0.00 - 2.99

Filling apartment vacancies if students move to other campus housing or leave IWU

ORL will fill all vacancies in apartments based on the Waiting lists available in MyHousing (under “Room/Roommate Selection” on menu).

Individual vacancies will be filled through the “IWU Apt Waiting List – INDIVIDUALS”

Full apartment vacancies (4 for Gates, 2 for ESA) will be filled through the “IWU Apt Waiting List – FULL APT GROUPS”.

Doug Meyer - Associate Director of Residential Life for Housing Operations

Department - Residence Halls-operations