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University Housing Requirements Policies

Students are required to live in University-approved housing (residence halls or Greek chapter houses) for six semesters.  Housing contracts are signed online in MyHousing for the full academic year (both the Fall and Spring semesters).

Students must be at least 17 years old on the day they move in to reside in the residence halls at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Charges for residence hall room and board plans are published by the Business Office as a part of the Tuition and Fees schedule.

Students not planning to return to University housing for the Fall semester must complete an online request prior to March 1. There is a $250 charge attached to student accounts in the Business Office for room reservations canceled after May 1. Returning students not pre-enrolled for classes by July 1 forfeit their room reservations on that date.

Students not planning to return to University housing for the Spring semester must complete an online request prior to December 1. Exceptions for canceling housing after one semester includes participation in an off-campus study/study abroad program and inactivation from the University, including graduation or school transfers.  Students are NOT allowed to cancel the housing contract to move off-campus or into a Fraternity or Sorority House mid-year.

Fall Incoming students (New Students): go to the Incoming Student Page for more information on housing applications, assignments, and deadlines.

Fall Returning students: go to the Current Students Page for more information on Housing Applications, Assignments, and Deadlines.

Appeals to Housing Charges

Students are able to appeal assessed housing charges for the following reasons:

  • Charges were assessed in error
  • Extreme circumstances warrant exemption from assessed charges
  • Assessment of charges did not follow institutional process
  • New information exists that would influence assessment of charge

Appeals must abide by the following conventions:

  • Must be in writing
  • Must be submitted within 60 days of the assessment
  • Must cite the grounds (numbered above) upon which the appeal is based
  • Must make explanation of the associated circumstances to fully inform the deliberation of the Housing Appeals Committee.

The Housing Appeals Committee is drawn from the following individuals and groups: the Business Office, Office of Residential Life Advisory Committee, Office of Residential Life Professional Staff, Assistant Dean of Students, and Associate Dean of Students.  The Committee is co-convened by the Associate Director of Residential Life and the Director of Student Involvement, who serve as non-voting members. Students will be notified of the committee's decision within two weeks of the Housing Appeals Committee meeting or by the end of the month in which the meeting takes place, whichever is earlier. Students should decline payment of billed charges associated with an appeal until a final decision is made.

Greek Chapter Houses

Upper-division students with social Greek affiliation and two semesters of residence hall living are required to live in their fraternity or sorority chapter houses and board in the fraternity or sorority house dining rooms, where available. Residential fraternity and sorority chapters are grounded in the philosophy of living ideals the daily practice of personal embodiment, in attitude and behavior, of the founding values of the chapter, and the cyclical passing down of chapter foundations and ideals from active members to new members by the act of living together over time as brothers or sisters.

Fraternity and sorority chapters at IWU that choose a residential focus are expected to self-manage the chapter and chapter members at a heightened level. Residential expectations of such self-governance include ongoing recruitment of new members to maintain chapter numbers appropriate to fill the housing space assigned. In cases where chapters recruit beyond their ability to house members within the chapter house, and the house fills to 100% capacity with members, the Office of Residential Life will assist in providing residence hall housing for the remaining members, as space allows.

Moving Off Campus

Illinois Wesleyan University is an independent,  residential, liberal arts university. 

Students who wish to apply for Off-Campus housing must meet one of the following guidelines:

  • Live six semesters in University-approved housing: residence halls, Greek chapter houses, or semesters abroad
  • Married
  • Over the age of 22
  • Be primary guardian for a child
  • Living locally with parents
  • Extreme medical conditions (permission and documentation necessary through the Office of Student Accessibility Services and ORL)

In any of these cases, permission must be obtained through the Office of Residential Life (and/or Student Accessibility Services) by completing an online request form in MyHousing and further documentation may be required for some claims. For students requesting to commute/live locally with parents,  this form  also needs to be completed and returned to ORL.

Applications are available through the student's MyHousing Portal and approval will be granted on an ongoing basis, beginning in December each year. Failure to complete an off-campus request or renewal by the stated deadline will result in a $250 late notification charge. For students who choose live off-campus, financial aid is usually limited to tuition and fees.

Rising Seniors who are eligible for off-campus housing (after 6 semesters of on-campus living) March 15th
New First-Year students/New Transfer students July 15th

Part-Time Students

Housing is provided for part-time students only with the approval of the Office of Residential Life. If a student needs to change from full-time status to part-time status during a particular term, the student must receive approval from the Office of Residential Life to continue living on campus.

The same policies and conditions affecting full-time students also govern a part-time student's behavior.

Residence Hall Activity Fee

Students living in residence halls pay a semesterly residence hall activity fee of $15, as established by the Residence Hall Association and the Office of Residential Life. This fee is billed directly to student accounts in the Business Office. The residence hall activity monies are used to fund Hall Council and Residential Life Staff programs throughout the year. These programs are designed to provide intentional social and educational opportunities for students living in the residence halls.

Dining Plans & Changing Dining Plans

Dining Plans and Residential Requirements

All students who live in University residence halls are required to have a full dining plan. Available plans are listed on the Dining Services website.  Plan costs are determined by the Business Office and listed on the Tuition and Fees schedule. Meals are only active for the selected semester, and do not transfer to the next.  

Allergies and Dining Exemptions

Students with uncommon severe food allergies or who practice specific religious preparation (i.e. Kosher or Halal practices) may apply for a waiver from the meal plan. Documentation is required to support request, and is available on our Medical Accommodations page.  Vegetarian, vegan, and other health conscious practices can be supported through the campus-dining program and are not eligible for a waiver. 

Changing your Dining Plan

All dining plan changes must happen through the MyHousing Portal. If you need assistance changing a meal plan, please view this quick YouTube video: How to change your Meal Plan

Meal plan changes for the Fall Term typically begin in March and continues until one week before classes start.  Changes for the Spring Term begins in October and continues through the end of the fall term, ending the last day of Fall semester finals.  Full details are listed in the MyHousing portal.

Once the open enrollment period has concluded, meal plan changes are no longer available for the term.  You must wait until the following term to make any change to your meal plan.