Welcome to your home away from home!

Our residential communities will support your learning, growth and development at IWU! Indeed, there are many new and exciting experiences in store, including a range of living options for incoming students, from those who have never lived in a residence hall to those who are transferring from a different school and who bring a residential history! Please click the appropriate button to find information about how you will fit into our residential communities!

Fall – First Years Fall – Transfers Spring – All Incoming


Important Dates for Incoming Students

The roommate matching process takes place in two rounds.  In each round, students who have completed the housing application (which includes the roommate matching questionnaire) by the deadline are matched with other students and placed in residence halls.  Any student who needs additional consideration (because a roommate leaves the IWU class, for instance) is re-housed in the next future cycle.

  • June 19: Deadline to complete housing application for inclusion in roommate matching round 1
  • June 26: Roommate matching round 1 notifications distributed
  • July 24: Deadline to complete housing application for inclusion in roommate matching round 2
  • August 1: Roommate matching round 2 notifications distributed
  • August 22: Residence Halls open for all new students to move in.
  • August 22: New Student Orientation (Turning Titan) begins for incoming students and parents.
  • August 28: Classes begin for fall semester.

Housing Application

The housing selection process for students entering IWU in the fall begins in February.  Students who have submitted a deposit will be emailed (to the @iwu.edu email address) instructions on filling out the online application.

Once students have received their "student@iwu.edu" email address, included in the IWU Pre-Orientation Materials mailing, they should follow the instructions  delivered to their @iwu.edu email address.  Here are a few points to keep in mind regarding the housing application:

  • All housing applications, selection, and notification processes occur online.  Although we hand-match roommate pairs, our online process makes data handling much more effective, and therefore we are able to make assignments more efficiently.
  • Housing assignments are made using the timeline above for those who have completed the housing survey.  Please keep in mind that housing is guaranteed for all first-year students, regardless of enrollment date. 
  • Students who have not received Pre-Orientation Materials should contact the Office of Orientation Services (orientation@iwu.edu).  Materials may take up to two weeks to be sent after your deposit has been received.

If you do not have access to the Internet from home, you may want to use a local library or school district computer. 



Our roommate assignments are made through a careful process of hand-matchingRoommates get along!
  • Based on responses to the online survey, student are sorted by sex, hall preference and lifestyle choices
  • Individuals are then hand-matched with a roommate
  • Roommate pairs are placed on floors characterized by broadly shared interests

Room placements and roommate assignments are made throughout the summer.

  • Room/roommate placements happen mid-June, and late-July
  • Assignments are emailed to the @iwu.edu email address with a reminder to check out details on the MyHousing Portal (so the ability to access my.iwu.edu and email by this time is essential!).
  • The assignment includes:
    • Hall and room number
    • Roommate name and contact information


Roommates co-exist! If an assigned roommate seems like a questionable match, what do we do?

First, assure that it's not a superficial reaction.  A scan of a Facebook page or initial email exchange may not provide the best first impression.  What are the core issues of concern?

Second, consider whether those core concerns and manageable.  Is this a chance to get to know someone who brings a different experience, perspective or value system to college?  Roommates don't have to be best friends, but rather need to be respectful and communicative.

Finally, if the core issues of concern are not manageable, contact the Office of Residential Life, and we can discuss the potential for re-assignment to a new hall and roommate.

Can a student request a specific roommate?

Students have the opportunity to indicate a preferred roommate on their housing survey/contract. Students who mutually select one another will automatically be housed together as roommates. For students who do not indicate a preferred roommate, the Residential Life Professional Staff hand match them with students who respond similarly to the lifestyle preference questions on the online housing contract.

Why is the housing survey so involved?  Other schools just ask a few, if any questions!

We take pride in our hand-matching process. While sorting through over 450 contracts and matching individuals with one another based on lifestyle preferences is a time-consuming process, we believe that our individualized treatment is worthwhile. Since we began matching roommates this way, our staff reports a dramatic decline in the number of roommate conflicts and moves that occur in the first semester that students live in the residence halls. This is not to suggest that we can predict and eliminate every potential conflict that students will have with one another, but our goal is to place students with others who share their interests and/or preferences. Once students are paired with a compatible roommate, roommate pairs are placed in halls, and then on floors based on shared interests (such as music or volunteerism) as indicated on the housing contract.

Should I contact my roommate before I arrive on campus?

Once you receive your roommate's name and email address, we encourage you to make a contact before you arrive on campus. You may want to find out a little bit about the person with whom you'll be sharing your first year at IWU. You can also discuss what each of you plans to bring to the room so that you won't double up on larger items like TVs, refrigerators or microwaves.

Finally, if possible, you may want to compare notes on when you plan to arrive on campus. Coordinating your move-in time will provide the chance for you to establish immediate joint-ownership of your space and avoid the downtime one of you might face waiting for the other to arrive so that you can arrange the room together. Some roommates have even preferred to meet at an area restaurant for an energizing breakfast and a chance to connect before heading over to campus to move-in.

Community Expectations

Whenever a large group of people live together, there is a need to develop expectations for behavior which promote an environment that enhances the achievement of community goals. These expectations provide for the protection of everyone's rights so that community members can pursue their educational objectives without interference. The Illinois Wesleyan community has identified expectations and is committed to the concept of shared responsibility for maintaining the quality of life in the community.

Therefore, as a member of my residential community...

  • I will respect the dignity of all persons. I will not demean individuals or groups by insulting, intimidating, harassing, or discriminating. I will strive to learn from and respect differences in people, ideas and opinions.
  • I will strive for personal integrity and support the academic endeavor.
  • I will demonstrate concern for others, for their feelings, and for their need to be supported in their academic and personal development.
  • I will respect the rights and property of others.
  • I will do all in my power to see that the residence hall is kept clean and attractive, knowing that such an environment is essential to both physical and mental health.
  • I will respect the common areas of the building that are used by all residents. I will not damage university property, remove lounge furniture, or smoke in any common area.
  • I expect all members to abide by these community guidelines and to strive for high moral and ethical standards. I have the right and the responsibility to voice my opinion and concerns to any individual who disregards these tenets for community living.

Game night! 


Things to bring to make the room complete


  • Bedspread
  • Blanket(s)
  • Cell Phone
  • Computer (and Ethernet cable)
  • Supplies for your Desk and Classes
  • Hangers
  • Mattress Pad
  • Pillow
  • Sheets and pillow case (all beds are 80 inches: extra long)
  • Toiletries and Toiletries Tote
  • Towels & Washcloths
  • Wastebasket


  • Bike (click for IWU Bike Information)
  • Calendar / Datebook
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Coffee Maker with auto shut-off (Or grab a cup from Hattie's/The Coffee Shop on the way to class)
  • Dishes / Cups / Silverware
  • Fan (all halls have air conditioning)
  • Ipod / Stereo
  • Lamp (bulbs must be LED or CFLs, no halogen or incandescent bulbs allowed)
  • Laundry Basket, Detergent, Dryer Sheets and an Iron
  • Microwave (rent it!)
  • Pictures, Posters, Artwork
  • Plant (something that relishes neglect)
  • Moving in!

    Refrigerator (rent it!)
  • Shower Shoes
  • Sports Equipment
  • Television and DVD/BluRay and cable cord
  • NOTE: All appliances must be energy star rated


  • Candles, candle warmers and incense (no decorative candles)
  • Electrical appliances with open coils (toasters and hot plates)
  • Halogen lamps
  • Pets (fish are allowed)
  • Sandwich makers / George Foreman grills
  • Personal WiFi routers/networks (WiFi provided on campus)
  • White boards (on room door exteriors)
  • Hoverboards

Playing games


(Based on medical or mental health need)

Housing accommodations, such as single rooms, are granted to students who provide appropriate medical documentation supporting the need for a single room. Decisions are made through the Office of Residential Life in consultation with Disability Services.  Students who receive room or meal accommodations may have additional fees added to their account related to the specific type of accommodation, including single room accommodations.

Decisions are made based on the most recent supporting documentation based on the specific recommendations of the appropriate professionals. It is also Illinois Wesleyan University's expectation that during the term of the housing contract, the student adhere to the treatment plan assisting them in their need. Note: A room accommodation will not be automatically granted from one academic year to the next. Students will need to supply ongoing supporting documentation stating the student's progress, ongoing diagnosis and documenting the continued need for a room accommodation.

For new students to IWU, the deadline for submitting the Verification for Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations is July 1 . For returning students, deadlines for submission of documentation and requests for room or meal plan accommodations are set by term as follows: 

  • Fall Semester:  March 1, for full consideration.  Requests received after this date will be considered but accommodations will be granted when space is available to meet the needs of the student..
  • Spring Semester: November 1, for full consideration.  Requests received after this date will be considered but accommodations will be granted when space is available to meet the needs of the student.

Documentation guidelines and the Verification of Disability for Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations form can be found on the Disability Services website.

My Student Body

My Student Body Header

Log-in instructions for students

  1. Go to My Student Body and click REGISTER NOW to create your account.

  2. Put TITAN in for your school code, and then follow the prompts for demographic and personal information.

  3. You will be taken to the My Student Body My Stuff page.

  4. Select "Take Now" under the Essentials Course header. 

  5. Once you complete the course, you will be asked to complete a survey, and then you can claim your certificate of completion. You will then be taken to the My Stuff page.

Incoming Student Housing Requirement

National studies confirm that choices regarding the use of alcohol can significantly affect student's residential and academic experience.  As a residential campus, it is our goal that all IWU students have taken the time to consider or reflect on choices made concerning alcohol usage.  We hope the My Student Body program will raise thoughts or questions to discuss with parents and friends before coming to IWU.

All incoming students are expected to complete the full Essential Course (Alcohol, Drug, and Sexual Violence sections) with a passing score of 85% or better before registering for housing.  You will have 3 attempts to complete the course.  Students will be required to provide their scores on the housing application.



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Our mission is facilitating enjoyable, sustainable and inclusive communities that support and enhance students' academic achievement and personal development.