IWU Housing Selection

Housing contracts at IWU are offered for the  academic year . This means if you choose a room during Housing Selection in MyHousing, you  will remain in the residence halls for the full year . Study abroad programs are excluded from this restriction.

Applications, MyHousing, and Other information

All current students must fill out the appropriate application. For assistance with applications and room selection Please follow the link: IWU Housing Channel

Housing Selection happens in the student's MyHousing portal, which is accessed through the student's my.iwu.edu. Click on the "Applications" menu on the top of the screen, choose the appropriate application, and fill it out. 

For current students who desire to live in the residence halls, please complete the section that asks your housing type, this will forward you to the appropriate housing process. For students applying for a residence hall, this is a two-step process: (A) online application and (B) online room selection - which will happen in March. For Off-Campus, Study Abroad, Fraternity House, or Sorority House, you just need to fill out a short application. 


Please view our Housing Selection FAQ for full details on the process.


Roommate Matching - Online and Students looking for a roommate

Students who want to live together in a multiple-occupancy room (suites, etc.) will first select each other in MyHousing, confirming all rooming pairs/groups are mutually matched in MyHousing.  Once this is complete, students are able to select the available room of choice during their designated selection time.  

Students who are looking for a roommate, or do not have enough roommates to fill a multiple-occupancy room can log into MyHousing and review potential roommate preferences through the "advanced roommate search" option.  This will allow you to email and interact with potential roommates so that you can avoid being randomly assigned to a roommate. If you do not want to participate in this online matching, you must log into MyHousing and set your personal profile to private.  You can also check out our Find A Roommate Facebook Group!


Early Room Selection - Singles, Suites, and Themed Communities

Students who are looking to live in singles, suites, and theme communities will have the opportunity to select those rooms in advance of the general housing selection period. The early selection process was created to reduce stress during the general housing selection so that these special room types are chosen in advance. All other rooms will be selected during the general housing selection period.

For info on how selection times are chosen, click here.


General Room Selection - All other rooms

All rooms not chosen in the early room selection, which are typically double rooms with a roommate, are selected during this period. 

For info on how selection times are chosen, click here.


Hall Tours

In order to allow students an opportunity to learn more about the available housing options on campus, ORL Residential Community Advisors across campus will organize hall tours. While primarily for First-year students, all are welcome to participate. First-year students will travel from their halls in groups and walk through the traditional halls and suite communities.


Important Dates

(Medical Accommodation paperwork must be submitted to Disability Services before March 1st - Click here for more info)

  • February 6th: Fall Housing Applications available on MyHousing
  • February 20th, from 7-9pm: Upper-Division Hall Tours
  • February 27th: Early Application Deadline - For all Singles, Suites, & Themed Housing
  • March 3rd: Single, Suite, & Themed Housing Selection times sent to students
  • March 6th-8th: Single, Suite, & Themed Housing Selection LIVE in MyHousing
    • March 6th: Themed Housing (International House/Kemp, Arts House/Blackstock, and Rainbow Floor/Pfeiffer 1st floor) 
    • March 7th: Singles (Dodds Hall Singles)
    • March 8th: Suites (All of Harriett Hall & 8 person Dodds suites)
  • March 21st: All other Residence Hall applications due
  • March 24th: General Housing Selection times sent to students
  • March 28th - 30th: General Housing Selection LIVE in MyHousing


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