Mentor Program

In recent years the accounting major has become very fast paced and if you're not getting involved as soon as you arrive at Illinois Wesleyan University, you could be missing out on great opportunities like the winter internship and networking.

Many accounting firms use a mentoring program for new employees and interns. Being in one now will not only look good on a resume but will also prepare you for when you work at a firm.

For Potential Mentorees: IWU's mentoring program is a great way to meet people within your major and network with fellow accounting peers and alumni. Being mentored by upperclassmen and alumni will give you the confidence and advice you need to obtain the career you want. Since the accounting major and college life can become overwhelming at times, having a mentor who's had experience can help relieve stress and pressure.

For Potential Mentors: Mentoring is fun, easy, and a great way to share your experiences with other Wesleyan students so they can also have a successful career in accounting. Responsibilities include:

  • Giving advice on what clubs to join and what events are beneficial to attend (i.e. company info sessions, panels, job fairs)
  • Being a student advisor — helping with class choices
  • Sharing internship experiences
  • Explaining the interview process, especially for the winter internship program
  • Just being a friend!