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Department Directory

Department Primary Contact Email Phone Number Location
Academic Advising Shari Rich, Director (309) 556-3231  
Academic Affairs Abbie Kerr, Interim Provost and Dean of the Faculty (309) 556-3101  
Office of Student Accessibility Services Jasmine Howe, Director 309-556-3231 110 Holmes Hall
Action Research Center Deborah Halperin, Director (309) 825-6006  

LeAnn Hughes, Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing

Kasey Evans ’12, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management (309) 556-3031 Minor Myers, jr. Welcome Center

Van Miller ’04, Assistant Vice President for Advancement

Val Hawkins ’09, Interim Assistant Vice President for Advancement - Operations and Engagement

Steve Seibring '81, Vice President for External Relationships

(309) 556-3091 Holmes Hall 215
Alumni Engagement

Kaylee Mathison, Director of Alumni Engagement

(309) 556-3251 1312 Park St., Holmes Hall 103E
Art & Design, School of

Julie Johnson, Interim Director of the School of Art & Design

(309) 556-3077  
Associate Provost's Office

Rebecca Roesner, Associate Provost

(309) 556-3255 Holmes 211
Biology Department

Loni Walker, Chair and Associate Professor of Biology

(309) 556-3965 CNS C109C

Sarah Hastings, Store Manager

(309) 556-3059 Hansen Student Center
Business and Economics, School of

Bryan McCannon ’98, Dean of the School of Business and Economics / Robert S. Eckley Endowed Professor of Economics

Kara Miller, Administrative Specialist


(309) 556-3784

SFH 310

SFH 308

Business Office

David Myron, Interim Vice President for Business and Finance

(309) 556-3022

Holmes Hall 109

Campus Safety

Mark Tallman, Director of Campus Safety

(309) 556-1111
Office: (309) 556-3034 (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)

Memorial Center

Career Center / Hart Career Center

Warren Kistner, Director of the Career Center

(309) 556-3071

Minor Myers, jr. Welcome Center
2nd Floor

Center for Human Rights and Social Justice

William Munro, Director of the Center


CLA 145

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Ram Mohan, 
Wendell and Loretta Hess Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair (309) 556-3829


Communications, Office of Ann Aubry, Director of Communications (309) 556-3181

Shaw 100

Computer Science Department Andrew Shallue, Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Science

(309) 556-3535


Conference Services Michelle Wu, Director of Conference Services

(309) 556-3100

Memorial Center 167

Counseling and Consultation Services

Jojo Mitchell, Director of Counseling and Consultation Services

Sandy Theile, Administrative Specialist III

(309) 556-3052

Magill Hall (Lower Level)

Dean of Students Office

Karla Carney-Hall, Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students

(309) 556-3111

Holmes Hall 103

Diversity and Inclusion, Office of

Sharla Brown-Ajayi, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion


(309) 556-3967

Hansen Student Center 200B

Educational Studies Department

Leah Nillas, Chair and Associate Professor of Educational Studies

Stephanie Porter, Administrative Specialist

(309) 556-3027

CLA 346

English Department

Michael Theune, Robert Harrington Endowed Professor of English and Department Chair

Erin Burnison ’21, Administrative Specialist


(309) 556-3333


Environmental Studies Department

Abby Jahiel, Director and Professor of Environmental and International Studies

(309) 556-2203

CLA 224

Financial Aid

Scott Seibring, Director of Financial Aid

(309) 556-3096

Lower Level, Holmes Hall 1

Fort Natatorium

Teresa Fish, Aquatics Director, Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach, and Associate Professor of Physical Education

(309) 556-3383

Shirk Center

Health Services

Karla Carney-Hall, PhD, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Acting Director of Health and Counseling Services

Sandy Theile, Administrative Specialist

(309) 556-3052

Magill Hall (Lower Level)

History Department

April Schultz, Professor and Chair of History

(309) 556-3118

CLA 245

Human Resources

Cindy Lotz, Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator


Holmes 209

Humanities Program

Joanne Diaz, Director of Humanities Program,
Isaac Funk Endowed Professor of English

(309) 556-3238


Information Technology Services

Rick Lindquist ’99, Interim Chief Information Officer

Katrina Harper, Administrative Specialist

(309) 556-3900

The Ames Library, 070

Institutional Effectiveness

Michael Thompson, Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Jenny Hand, Institutional Effectiveness Specialist

(309) 556-3159

Shaw Hall 209

International Office

Sarah Van Alebeek, Director of the International Office


CLA 3rd floor

International & Global Studies Program

Carmela Ferradáns, Director of International Studies and Professor of Hispanic Studies

(309) 556-3375

CLA 149

Language Resource Center

Cristina Almeida Velez, Coordinator of Basic Language Sequence and Language Resource Center


CLA 303

Library, The Ames 

Stephanie Davis-Kahl, University Librarian and Copyright Officer


The Ames Library
1 Ames Plaza


Chris Francis ’12, Magazine Editor & Communications Specialist

(309) 556-3181

Shaw 100


Andy Kreiss '86, Director of Marketing



Mathematics Department

Zahia Drici, Chair and Professor of Mathematics

(309) 556-3669


McPherson Theatre Box Office



(309) 556-3232

McPherson Theatre
2 Ames Plaza East

Merwin and Wakeley Galleries

Carmen Lozar, Gallery Director and Instructional Professor


(309) 556-3822

Ames School of Art
6 Ames Plaza West

Multifaith Engagement, Office of

Anjelia Dominguez, Multifaith Engagement Coordinator

(309) 556-3814

Evelyn Chapel

Music, School of

Adriana Ponce, Interim Director

(309) 556-3061

Presser Hall

Neuroscience Program

Tyler Schwend, Director

(309) 556-3149


Nursing and Health Sciences, School of

Amber Kujath '97
Director of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Lindsey Kellar,
Interim Associate Director of the School of Nursing and Health Services, Associate Professor of Health Sciences, Assistant Athletic Director of Student-Athlete Wellness


(309) 556-3051

Stevenson Hall 224

Philosophy Department

Andrew Engen, Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy

(309) 556-3257

CLA 161

Physical Education, Sport and Wellness

Mike Wagner, Director of Athletics and Associate Professor of Physical Education

Norm Eash, Head Football Coach, Chair of Physical Education, Senior Associate Athletic Director, and Assoc. Professor of Physical Education

(309) 556-3196

Shirk Center

Physical Plant

James Blumberg, Director of Physical Plant

(309) 556-3066

303 E.Emerson St.

Physics Department

Narendra Jaggi, Professor and Chair of Physics

(309) 556-3888

CNS C 007C

Political Science Department

William Munro, Chair of Political Science, Betty Ritchie-Birrer '47 and Ivan Birrer Endowed Professor

(309) 556-3658

CLA 253

President's Office

S. Georgia Nugent, President

Julie Anderson, Chief of Staff

(309) 556-3151

Holmes Hall 205

Psychology Department

Amanda Vicary, Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology

(309) 556-3006


Registrar's Office

Leslie Betz, Registrar

Talley Gentry, Associate Registrar

(309) 556-3161

Holmes Hall 110

Residential Life, Office of

Kyle Griffith, Director of Residential Life

Douglas Meyer, Associate Director of Residential Life for Housing Operations

(309) 556-3113

Hansen Student Center

Sociology Department

Courtney Irby, Associate Professor and Interim Chair of Sociology

 (309) 556-3163

CLA 232


Tripper Phipps, General Manager of Operations

(309) 556-3167

Memorial Center

Student Involvement, Office of

Tyler Manning, Director of Student Involvement

Courtney Turnbull, Assistant Director of Student Involvement

(309) 556-3555

Hansen Student Center 101

Student Employment Office

Stephanie Iskra, Student Employment Program Coordinator


(309) 556-3096


Theatre Arts, School of

Jean McFarland Kerr, Director of the School of Theatre Arts and Associate Professor of Theatre Arts

Mena Williams, Theatre Operations Specialist


(309) 556-3195



Thorpe Center for Curricular and Faculty Development

Amy Coles, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Instruction

Vacant, Associate Dean for Scholarly and Creative Work



Titan Print & Mail Center

(309) 556-3087

1207 1/2 N. Main St., Bloomington
(Next to Kemp Hall)

Women's and Gender Studies Program

Courtney Irby, Director; Assistant Professor of Sociology

(309) 556-3577 / (309) 556-3177

CLA 120

World Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Jessie Dixon-Montgomery, Chair and Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

(309) 556-3081

CLA 363

Writing Center

Bille Jarvis- Freeman, Writing Center Director

(309) 556-3756

105 The Ames Library

Writing Program

Pennie Gray, Writing Program Director; Associate Professor of Educational Studies

(309) 556-3877

CLA 330