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Accounting Major Requirements


Foundation Courses 

(each course is 1 course unit or the equivalent of 4 semester hours while labs are .5 of a course unit or 2 semester hours)

The following courses should be completed by the end of sophomore year. 

  1. Gateway Colloquium - GW 100
  2. Acct Procedures Lab - ACC 111
  3. Financial Acct - ACC 112 with a Lab for Accounting Majors
  4. Managerial Accounting - ACC 212 with an Excel Lab for all Majors
  5. Intro to Econ - ECON 100 (this course counts as CSI for gen education purposes) 
  6. Business and Economics Statistics - ECON 227
  7. Intro to Data Sciences - DASC 125, or Finite Math - MATH 110, or Applied Analysis - MATH 176, or University Credit for AP Calculus (we strongly recommend that our students take Data Science 125 and 225) (these courses count as Formal Reasoning)

Major Core Requirements

(each course is one course unit or the equivalent of 4 semester hours)

300 and 400 level courses are to be taken upon successful completion of the foundations courses with the exception of BUS 355, which may be taken in the sophomore year.

  1. Professional Issues in Acct - ACC 216 (AV & WI and meets the business ethics requirement for the CPA exam)
  2. Introduction to Acct Information Systems - ACC 218 
  3. Introduction to Data Analytics in Acct - ACC 219 
  4. Income Tax Acct - ACC 315 
  5. Intermediate Acct I / Introduction to Auditing I - ACC 316 
  6. Intermediate Acct II - ACC 317 
  7. Intermediate Acct / Introduction to Auditing II - ACC 318 
  8. Financial Management - FIS 303 
  9. Marketing: Principles and Management - BUS 331
  10. Business Law I - BUS 355

Please note that our curriculum is designed to prepare students for the new format of the CPA exam, which will be implemented in 2024. Students will work with their faculty advisor to choose appropriate electives (not listed here). 

Jerry Olson - Professor and Chair of Accounting

Department - School Of Business General