Finance Minor for Accounting Majors

The minor in finance for accounting majors is designed specifically for students majoring in accounting. A finance minor can give students insight into valuation methods, portfolio management, corporate finance, financial analysis, financial planning, and other topics. The finance minor will bridge the gap between the creation of financial statements and their use in business. 

▷ Another option for a finance minor is available for non-accounting majors.

Minor Sequence in Finance for Accounting Majors

A minimum of five finance and economics courses from the Departments of Accounting/Finance and Economics chosen from the following: 

  1. Financial Statement Analysis (FIS 305)
  2. Investments (FIS 309)
  3. Portfolio Management (FIS 409)
  4. Special Topics in Finance (FIS 370). May be repeated for different topics
  5. Risk Management/ Property-Liability Insurance (FIS 304)
  6. Life Health/Social Insurance (FIS 307)
  7. Money and Banking (ECON 311)
  8. International Finance (ECON 352)
  9. Seminar in Finance (FIS 300) May be repeated for different topics