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Welcome ORL Staff!

This page has been designed to provide quick links to the most commonly used web sites for ORL staff members.  This listing is not all inclusive and if there are other sites staff members use, please feel free to contact your supervisor and request inclusion.     

Duty Rounds:

   8:00PM: Round to change the signs of who is on duty                                                                                              10:30PM: Regular Round                                                                                                                                          12:00 - 1:00AM: Anytime between midnight and 1am, do a quiet hour round

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Duty Log

Duty Log 2020-2021

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Opening and Closing Dates: 

  • Health and Safety Checks Fall 2020
    • Friday, October 16th @ 6pm
  • End of Semester 2020-2021  (All Staff Required - stay till Noon the next day after closing)
    • Close: Friday, November 20th @ 6pm
    • Open: Saturday, January 9th @ 8am
  • Spring Semester Move-Out 2020-2021  (All Staff Required to stay until TBA)
    • Close: TBA

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