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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the apartments co-ed?  

A: Yes. Because there are single bedrooms and bathroom privacy, students may select roommates of their choice regardless of gender. If roommates do not know each other, then the apartment will be single-sex.

Q: Do University policies apply in the apartments?    

A: Yes. For your safety and high quality community, all University policies apply in the apartments.

Q: Can I stay (or keep my belongings) in the apartment over the summer?

A: The Gates/ESA lease is for the academic year only, and all belongings must be removed after finals.

Q: What is included in the cost?

A: The Gates - All furnishings, utilities, in-unit washer and dryer, full sized beds, internet, cable television, and 1 parking space per resident are included.

A: ESA - Bedroom furnishings (incl. full sized beds bed), utilities, in-building washer and dryer, internet, cable television, and 1 parking space per resident are included.

Q: Can I bring my own furniture?

A: You may bring additional furniture, but the furniture provided by The University must stay within the apartment.

Q: How will priority be given to applications?

A: Priority will be given primarily the number semesters on campus, as well as course units.

Q: When I apply for an IWU apartment, do I need to know the 3 other people (Gates) or 1 other person (ESA) I'll be living with?  

A: It is easiest that way. During apartment Selection, preference is given to those who can fill an apartment. You can look for an apartment as an individual (or pair), and ORL can sometimes assist in helping people look for roommates who have expressed interest. If there are apartment available after those who can fill the apartment, you can choose an apartment in open leasing (agreeing to allow others to be assigned to your apartment). You don't have veto power over who is ultimately assigned. 

Q: How many people can live in an apartment?

A: Maximum living occupancy is 4 people for a Gates Apartment, and 2 people for an East Street Apartment.

Q: Is there a down payment required?

A: There is no down payment requirement.

Q: Can I study abroad and contract for The Gates?

A: For students who are making a two-year commitment, we will work to fill your apartment space for one-semester of study abroad so long as a semester of notice is provided regarding your plan to be absent during that period of the lease.

Q: When will I find out if I secured an Apartment?

A: You will choose your own apartment (with your group) in real-time (based on the info timeline on, so you will know during your apartment selection time whether or not you secured an apartment.

Q: How many apartments are in each area?

A: The Gates - 24 total student apartments (12 apartments per building)

A: ESA - 5 total student apartments

Q: Do I need to have a Meal Plan to live in an IWU apartment?

A: You do not need to sign up for a Meal Plan as a Gates/ESA resident. You have the option to sign up, if you would like to. We recommend the Block 75 meal plan! That gives you some meals on campus, but the flexibility to make your own!

Kyle Griffith - Dean of Students for Campus Life

Department - Dean Of Students