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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a First Generation College Student?

A first generation college student is a student from a family in which neither parent has earned a four-year undergraduate degree. 

Nearly 15% of incoming freshmen and transfer students are first-generation college students. IWU Firsts are an integral part of our University. They contribute to the great diversity, cultural and intellectual life of our vibrant undergraduate community.



Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

What makes a successful IWU student?
Successful Titans find a balance between their academics, extracurricular activities, and outside responsibilities. Illinois Wesleyan University has many resources dedicated to the needs of students. From their resident assistant (RA), their academic advisor, professors to students organization advisors, IWU has professionals with the knowledge and skills to help guide your student while at IWU. Succesful students will take advantages of these resources and ask for help! It is important that students state their needs early on, please encourage your student to do so.

What resources are available to help my student succeed at IWU?
Check out this helpful Student Life page for suggestions.

The Academic Calendar will inform you of important dates for your student. Take note and send a note of encouragement during midterms and finals!

How can my student get one-on-one time with professors?

Instructors typically have office hours, or time outside of the regular class hour, where students are invited to receive individual feedback about their progress, performance or an assignment. Students are also encouraged to make an appointment with faculty or other instructors if office hours are not at a mutually convenient time.

How can I be sure my student is safe on campus?
The University has many mechanisms in place to make IWU a safe place to live, work and learn.

To learn about our systems in place, CLICK HERE.

Where can I learn about diversity and inclusion at IWU?
Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Where can I find parking on campus when I visit?
Parking information and maps

Who should I talk to if I am concerned about my student’s health or academic performance?
Dean of Students Office




Where do I go 

… for academic advising?
… to learn more about housing and residential life?
… to improve my writing skills?
… to talk about personal issues?
… if I have or wonder if I have learning disabilities?
… for international student services?
… to discuss my financial aid?
.if I want to Study Abroad?
 if I get sick on campus?
… to learn about parking and transportation?


Counseling and Wellness Services

How can Counseling and Consultation Services help me succeed at the University?

We know that students will go through an adjustment period when embarking on their collegiate experience. For many first-generation college students, this may be a difficult transition. Additionally, navigating a new environment and rigorous coursework over 2-4 years can be challenging at many points. As students handle their responsibilities, students may experience feelings that may require help in the form of counseling. It is the mission to promote student personal growth and well being through a variety of mental health services including counseling, outreach and consultation. Please visit their website to schedule an appointment.