Apartment Manager

Apartment Manager Position Description


The Office of Residential Life is responsible for translating the overall philosophy and objectives of the Illinois Wesleyan University residential program into a practical and meaningful set of services, activities and programs for students living within the university-owned residences.  Within the framework of the department's stated philosophy and objectives, the Apartment Manager is an Office of Residential Life staff member hired to serve as a helper and resource for students. The Apartment Manager represents the Office of Residential Life and works to promote an environment that fosters educational and personal growth.  Interpretation of the University, its purposes, objectives and standards is a vital function of the Apartment Manager position.

Responsibilities, Spring/Summer:
  1. Actively and appropriately participate in Spring Training Orientation—one Saturday retreat in the Spring.  Take advantage of additional opportunities to prepare for Fall.
  2. Determine Fall building welcome theme.  Complete initial door dec template and prepare opening bulletin boards.
  3. Participate in Fall housing selection process.
  4. Meet with the Area Director for a one-on-one meeting to include an evaluation of performance to date and Fall contract provisions.
Responsibilities, Fall—Spring:
  1. Complete administrative work in a timely manner to facilitate communication and the smooth operation of the facility.  Administrative duties include, but are not limited to, facilitating building meetings, distributing and collecting information, submitting maintenance requests, completing weekly reports, updating duty logs, and posting flyers.
  2. Serve as a helper and resource to students in fostering growth and development within individual and group contexts, especially assisting students in making wise choices through the development of effective decision-making skills.
  3. Implement, with other residential life staff, the philosophy and objectives of the IWU residential curriculum as outlined and explained by the Office of Residential Life. 
  4. Represent the Office of Residential Life and other Student Affairs staff by promoting good communication between all segments of the University community.
  5. Attend and actively participate in Spring, Fall and Winter Trainings in whatever way is deemed necessary, and participate in subsequent staff development throughout the year. This includes possibly arriving to campus for Fall training slightly before RAs are asked to return in order to complete additional training.
  6. Conduct a total of four office hours per week (hours to be chosen by the Apartment Managers in coordination with the Area Director) which are to be held in the Office of Residential Life weekly throughout the academic year, and assist with staffing the Office of Residential Life during Trainings and Orientation weeks. 
  7. Assist Residential Life staff members in the check-in and check-out process of residents at the beginning and end of each semester; assist Residential Life staff members in closing and opening residential facilities during vacation and holiday periods.
  8. Develop, implement and promote a community development plan in your building to provide a comfortable, safe and inclusive atmosphere for your residents that is conducive to academic growth.
  9. Participate in weekly staff meetings with the Area Director which will be scheduled throughout the year.
  10. Assume on-duty coverage responsibilities for the entire residential community on a rotating basis with the RCA staff members.
  11. Participate in yearly Residential Life functions such as staff selection and housing selection processes. Assist in the facilitation of the leasing process, including the hosting of information meetings, creation of a display, and otherwise representing the benefits of community living at The Gates at Wesleyan .
  12. Implement fire, accident, security, and emergency procedures to insure the safety, welfare and health of the residents.
  13. Assist the Area Director in discipline and conduct issues within the building.  The Apartment Manager’s role in discipline is primarily confrontation, policy clarification, counseling and/or referral.
  14. Attend University Convocations and other campus functions of notable significance.
  15. Assume other responsibilities related to the residential program as assigned by the Area Director or the Office of Residential Life.

Accountability:   Apartment Managers report directly to the Area Director, and ultimately to the Director of Residential Life.

Requirements:   Successful completion of at least one semester as a student at IWU, at least one semester as a member of the Residential Life staff, and at least junior class standing with the University.

Role Modeling :  As a residential life staff, we function as educators.  One of the most effective ways of educating others is through role modeling appropriate behaviors.  Examples of behaviors expected of an Apartment Manager include: Setting a positive example. Conducting yourself in an honest, conscientious, courteous, and professional manner at all times and showing respect for persons of all backgrounds, ethnicity, races, lifestyles, interests, and abilities.  Maintaining appropriate personal and professional decorum. Refraining from becoming involved in activities or encouraging behaviors that are in direct opposition to this principle. Confronting your colleagues who display inappropriate actions or do not show respect for others. Actively supporting, interpreting, enforcing, and abiding by all University policies and procedures as described in the University Catalog, Student Handbook, Residential Life Policies and any other official publications made available to you or to the student body in general.  

Be aware of yourself as a role model should you decide to consume alcohol.  Do not provide alcohol to any staff or student under the age of 21. Refrain from becoming intoxicated because intoxication does not fall within the framework of an acceptable, positive role model.  As a role model, you should: Be aware of personal attitudes regarding alcohol use as demonstrated by your own speech and behavior; Do not encourage through job function or personal action, alcohol related events involving residents; Suggest alternatives to alcohol related events; Look out for the well being of others in drinking situations; Do not emphasize the use of alcohol through your personal behavior or any program you sponsor; Share information regarding students’ use of alcohol and other health related situations with your supervisor.

Academic Standing :  Apartment Managers must maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average.  An Apartment Manager will be placed on probation at the time the cumulative average falls below a 2.75.  An Apartment Manager failing to achieve good academic standing after one semester of probation may be dismissed and the appointment terminated.

Missed Commitments :  If you cannot fulfill any part of your Apartment Manager responsibilities, you must contact the Area Director immediately (minimally one week in advance).  Regardless if the missed commitment is excused or unexcused, you will need to "make-up" the missed information/responsibility.

Placement :  Due to our need for flexibility, we reserve the right to move you within a building or to another building.

Remuneration :  The remuneration for this position will be the equivalent of a standard double room fee credit toward The Gates room charge. Additionally, upon successful completion of the Apartment Manager duties and responsibilities, a stipend of $300 during the Fall semester and $200 during the Spring semester will be awarded. Leaving the position, for any reason, will result in the receipt of only a pro-rated portion of the room allocation at the date of release of service as an Apartment Manager.

Contract Provisions : Apartment Managers are issued a probationary contract for the Spring/Orientation semester.  A joint review of the probationary period performance will be held in April. Based on successful completion of probationary responsibilities, the presence of a spirit of collegiality expected of Apartment Managers, as well as of the completion of responsibilities and expectations of the concurrently held staff position, if applicable, a contract may be offered for Fall.  Apartment Managers’ contracts are issued for a particular academic term. In the event that the building of assignment is closed at the end of a semester, it shall be understood that the Apartment Manager’s contract will be terminated unless a transfer to another space can be arranged. In the case where an Apartment Manager is hired as a mid-term replacement, the contract will be issued at the date of hire and run to the end of the current term.  

Contracts are not automatically renewed for subsequent terms of service but will depend upon the evaluation of past performance and future potential as determined by the Area Director and the Director of Residential Life.  Failure to fulfill duties, responsibilities and expectations as outlined by the Office of Residential Life may be grounds for termination. Inappropriate role-modeling, given the context above, may be cause for probation or immediate termination of appointment by the Office of Residential Life.  Additionally, any Apartment Manager who leaves the position (forced or voluntary) will be subject to a space re-assignment. In such cases, a move can be expected within 24 hours.