Medical Student Jones '11 a Marathon Maniac

Nov. 3, 2014

Emily Jones ’11

Medical student Emily Jones ’11 doesn’t spend her weekends cramming for exams or working at a local coffee shop like many other graduate students. Instead, she runs marathons.

“There is something just so rewarding about the distance, and I feel instantly recharged after the stress of school,” said Jones, a student at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

In October, Jones ran back-to-back marathons in New England, logging a total of 52.4 miles of running. Jones finished the Northeast Utilities Hartford Marathon in Connecticut with a time of 5:07:23 on a Saturday. The following day, she completed the United Healthcare Newport Marathon in Rhode Island with a time of 5:20:17.

“I just started my second year of med school, and things are quite busy this year- so I base my marathon schedule off exams,” said Jones, who lives in Springfield. “This year's Hartford and Newport marathons fell the weekend after my first term's exams and it seemed like a fun ‘relaxing’ weekend.” 

Just three weeks after her back-to-back races, Jones completed the Anthem Manchester City Marathon in New Hampshire. Finishing with a time of 5:38:18, the race was Jones’ 34th completed marathon.

Jones, who graduated from Illinois Wesleyan with majors in biology and religion, aims to run a marathon in all 50 states. She set her national race goal with her dad, who spurred her interest in marathons. Jones also runs with Marathon Maniacs, a club for serial long-distance runners.

“There is really no other feeling like crossing that finish line,” Jones said.

By Tia Patsavas ’16