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The Visual Identity Program (VIP) is designed to unify our identity behind a single institutional symbol. Just as we seek to deliver meaningful and consistent messaging about Illinois Wesleyan in written and verbal communications, we are also committed to presenting consistent visual imagery that reinforces our key messages.

Over the years the University has used a number of different institutional symbols and logos in communications and promotion. Today, there are three different logos that appear on campus and in communications of various types: two different window marks, developed over the past 20 years; and the traditional University seal, our most widely used symbol that dates to our earliest days.

SealThe University Seal

Moving forward the University seal will be at the heart of our Visual Identity Program and the single unifying icon for Illinois Wesleyan communications. The seal has been chosen because its imagery is most consistent with higher education and Wesleyan’s academic mission, excellence and tradition.

Symbolism of the Seal

  • The book stands for our teaching, scholarly and creative missions;
  • The motto, Scientia Et Sapientia, points to how we teach our students to use knowledge wisely for both personal and societal benefits;
  • The year 1850 draws attention to our history and tradition.

Implementing the Program

As we transition to use of the seal as our primary and exclusive identity mark, we will phase out the use of the window logos over the 2012-13 year. No new uses will be authorized and no new materials will be produced when current supplies are exhausted. While the window logo is being discontinued, a graphic representation of the paladin window may be used at times as a design element in publications, on campus banners, etc.

The Visual Identity Program will guide communications developers in the appropriate use of the primary University logo and secondary less formal marks. It also provides guidelines for academic and administrative departmental logos and the use of specialty marks for athletics and fundraising campaigns. By consistently using our name, symbols, typefaces, colors and design elements, each piece of communication builds on those that precede it and our perception as a top-tier academic institution becomes stronger.

▷ See an example of a department letterhead and business card using the primary seal and signature logo.

The Office of Communications and its Publications, Printing, and Mailing Services unit provide guidance on the proper use of the Visual Identity Program.