Our Typefaces

Our words carry weight, and so does our typography. The size, font, and style of the typeface we choose is one of the most recognizable aspects of the Illinois Wesleyan University brand.

Our typefaces are flexible enough to meet a wide range of situations and requirements. When it's used thoughtfully and consistently, typography becomes a powerful branding tool that can add visual meaning to what we communicate.

The following will help you skillfully match our type with your message.

Display Typography

Our display typeface is Tungsten Condensed, a bold and strong font that should be reserved for breakthrough-themed headlines or callouts.

Always set Tungsten Condensed in all caps and use it for short lines of copy. Never use it for body copy.

There is no web-safe alternative for Tungsten Condensed. If you want to use this font in a web capacity, you will need to purchase a web-specific license for it.

Tungsten Condensed may be licensed at:  https://www.typography.com/fonts/tungsten/styles/

Serif Typography

Sentinel is a classic serif face chosen to convey the integrity and sophistication of the Illinois Wesleyan University academic experience.

It offers a wide range of weights that can be used for subheads, and works nicely when calling out personal quotes.

If this typeface is unavailable to you, or you need a web-safe alternative, Georgia or Minion may be substituted.

Sentinel may be licensed at:  https://www.typography.com/fonts/sentinel/overview/

Sans-Serif Typography

Myriad Pro is a modern and clean sans-serif that presents a friendlier, complimentary tone.

Because of the variety of weights and styles, Myriad works best for body copy.

If this typeface is unavailable to you, or you need a web-safe alternative, Arial may be substituted.

Myriad Pro may be licensed at: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/myriad/