Consistent typography is an important component of the visual identity program. The characteristics of a certain typeface help set an institution's communications apart from others.

For online content, use only these standard fonts.

In printed publications, two typefaces or fonts are used with Illinois Wesleyan's identity program. The serif typeface is Minion Pro which is a classic & traditional typeface. Minion Pro's aesthetic and functional qualities make text type highly readable. The sans serif typeface chosen for Illinois Wesleyan's identity program is Myriad Pro. Myriad's clean open shapes and precise letter fit, make it an excellent choice for text typography that is comfortable to read. These fonts are available for purchase by Adobe. It is illegal to share these fonts. Use the alternative fonts listed below which are included on most computers.

Script fonts may be used sparingly as a graphic element in a publication. Use of script fonts should be limited and is not recommended for text.

As a general rule use no more than 3 different fonts in a publication. Consistency and readability are important to good design and too many font changes can distract and confuse the reader.

Illinois Wesleyan's Identity Fonts


Alternate Fonts areĀ Palatino (serif) andĀ Helvetica (sans serif).