Illinois Wesleyan's official school colors are green and white. However, use of gold with green and white adds to the richness of our seal logo and also adds a look of quality to the website and publications.

The Illinois Wesleyan identity uses 3 color palettes. The logo marks must be displayed either in these colors or black and white.

Seal stacked Seal stacked green


Seal line black



If a 2-color mark is used, the colors must match the green and gold colors – Pantone Matching System (PMS) #342c for green and #8640c for gold. All marks must be reproduced from the official artwork.


Color palette

Colors Description Code
Web Colors: Hexadecimal
  Dark Green  #006633
  Gold #b79c58
Complimentary Web Colors
  Green #23965a
  Beige  #F9F1D8
  Rust  #817023
  Dark Rust  #984020
   Black  #0a0a0a
  Gray/Silver #c1c2c1