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IFC Executive Board Application and Interview Process

Thank you for your interest in serving as member of the 2014 Interfraternity Council Executive Board. Below are the descriptions of the IFC Executive Board positions. Please complete the appropriate application and submit by the indicated deadline to be considered. If you have any questions, contact the IFC at

To apply for the 2014 IFC Executive Board, click HERE. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Monday, November 18, 2013. 

To be eligible to serve on the IFC Executive Board, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Initiated Member in good standing of a Member Fraternity.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.750
  • Preference to have successfully served in a leadership role in their Member Fraternity, on IFC, within the Fraternity Community, or other Registered Student Organization.
  • Be devoted to the general ideals and principles of fraternity life and conduct himself in a professional manner consistent with the Mission and Purpose of the IFC, as defined within this Constitution.

The term of office for the Executive Board is one year beginning at the installation meeting in December.

The IFC President presides over all meetings of the General Body and Executive Committee and provides guidance and focus to the efforts of the General Body and Executive Committee. He works to build rapport and establish positive working relationships between IFC and Member Fraternity leaders. He also serves as the official representative of the fraternity community to University administration and other student or civic organizations and on various University committees.The President regularly interacts with the leaders of other governing councils and campus organizations. In addition to the weekly IFC General/Executive Board meetings, the IFC President meets in weekly One-on-One meetings with the IFC Advisor and supervises the IFC Vice Presidents and meets with them for bi-weekly One-on-One meetings. He also works to establish a working relationship with and communicate campus data, issues, and trends in a timely manner to the North-American Interfraternity Conference Coordinator of IFC Services. 

Executive Vice President
The Executive Vice President presides over IFC meetings in the absence of the IFC President.  He serves as the co-chairperson of the FSPB Board of Directors along with the Panhellenic Executive Vice President and is responsible for providing administrative oversight to the FSPB including planning weekly meetings to ensure members carry out their duties.  He also facilitates and properly records AFLV Assessment and Awards program applications in all categories and collects and reports statistics and data pertaining to the Fraternity Community. He co-supervises the remaining FSPB members with the Panhellenic Executive Vice President and meets with them in a bi-weekly One-on-Two meeting.

Vice President of Standards
The VP of Standards serves as chair of the IFC Standards Committee and serve as the non-voting Chief Standards Committee Representative of all IFC Standards Board hearings. He also educates Member Fraternities on the IFC Constitution and Bylaws and conducts judicial policy and procedures training for new IFC Standards Committee Representatives. The VP also works with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to assist Member Fraternities to meet, and to track progress towards meeting, the Minimum Expectations. He works to collect and distribute academic performance rankings, publish important academic dates and deadlines, collect and distribute information about campus academic services, such as tutors, the writing lab, math lab, learning assistance programs, interest tests, career counseling, placement workshops, and library resources. He also coordinates sustainability programming.

Vice President of Administration
The VP of Administration serves as chair of the IFC Finance Committee. He supervises the annual budget process, collects IFC Member Fraternity dues or other assessments as needed, maintains accurate records throughout the year through invoicing and receipts and handles all other financial aspects of the IFC. The VP also serves as secretary of the IFC General Body and reviews all IFC governance documents, at least annually. The VP coordinates the orientation of newly elected Member Fraternity IFC Representatives and the officer transition process, including updates to officer manuals.

Vice President of Public Relations
The VP of Public Relations develops a public relations and social media strategy for the IFC including collecting and disseminating information on the fraternity community to all campus and community media sources. He assists in the development of various IFC publications and outreach programs and works to establish a relationship with the Alumni Office, in an effort to reach out to alumni for updates on accomplishments and events. 

Vice President of Recruitment
The VP Recruitment serves as chair of the IFC Recruitment Committee. He works to produce and distribute promotional materials to all incoming students and unaffiliated students and utilizes technology and social media in recruitment and marketing efforts. The VP also develops recruitment workshops and programs for Member Fraternities and provides advice and support to Member Fraternity recruitment officers. He works to uphold the IFC and University Recruitment Policies to limit restrictive policies placed upon new member recruitment and maintains an interest list of Potential New Members.

Tyler Manning - Director of the Office of Student Involvement

Department - Office Of Student Involvement