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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the time commitment?

The amount of required time to be a member of a fraternity or sorority can be significant. Sororities and fraternities both have new members go through a new member education program which varies organization to organization. This is a period to learn about the history and core values of the organization while strengthening bonds with current members and fellow new members. Expect to have at least one new member class meeting, a full chapter meeting, and one or two social and/or philanthropic events a week. Please be aware that many members of fraternities and sororities are student athletes, hold jobs, and earn some of the top GPAs at the school. With proper time management, it is more than possible to join a fraternity or sorority.



Where would I live?

Many fraternities and sororities at IWU have a chapter house where a majority of their members live. All chapter houses are located on or nearby campus (view campus map). It is generally expected that new members will begin living in their chapter houses the year after their initiation; however, each individual chapter has their own requirements. This would be a good question to ask a chapter member upon visiting.



How much does it cost to join a fraternity or sorority?

Joining a fraternity or sorority will have a cost, and each chapter varies in the particular amount of dues. You can view this video to see a brief overview of the financial commitment for joining a fraternity or sorority.  These dues are paid to the organization and help pay for activities such as special programming, brotherhood/sisterhood events, dances, formal dinners, and alumni gatherings. Additional costs may include a one-time initiation fee, t-shirts, and insurance policies. The money spent, however, should be viewed as an investment for you or your student’s future success. Room and Board cost the same as living in a residence for all social fraternity members because the University owns their chapter houses. Sororities own their housing facility and so living costs will vary chapter to chapter. When considering joining a particular fraternity or sorority, ask them to be upfront about all costs incurred during the school year.

When a student lives in an IWU fraternity or sorority chapter house (whether owned by the University or privately), they are treated the same with regard to financial aid as if they were living on campus. For the University-owned facilities, students will be billed for room and board through IWU. Any amount of the aid package that exceeds tuition will be applied against the room and board fees on the student's account.  For the privately-owned chapter houses, students will receive room and board invoices from the sorority. Any amount of the aid package that exceeds tuition will be distributed to the student or parent in the form of a check from the Business Office once all of the aid is applied in September and they can them submit payment to the chapter for room and board. If a student needs more financial aid than is awarded for, a student or parent may try to pursue private loans.  The most common loan that is taken is the Direct PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students).  Parents can go to to apply for a Direct PLUS with the parent pin number.



What about hazing?

Hazing is considered forcing someone to do anything against their will. This can include drinking alcohol, public humiliation, and physical abuse (view IWU Anti-Hazing Policy). Illinois Wesleyan does not tolerate hazing; fraternities or sororities caught doing so will go through the judicial process. Anyone who thinks themselves as a victim of hazing is encouraged to contact the Office of Student Involvement and the matter will be handled discreetly. 



How can I join a sorority or fraternity?

For sororities, you will need to participate in formal recruitment. For information about this process, click HERE. For fraternities, you will also need to participate in formal recruitment For information about this process, click HERE.

Use the recruitment period to get acquainted with current members, ask lots of questions, and make new friends. After either the formal process or attending a few events, the organizations will determine who to invite into their brotherhoods/sisterhoods. If you receive one of these invitations, or “bids”, you have the option to accept or decline. It’s that easy!


If I go through recruitment, do I have to join?

No. Recruitment is a time for prospective members to decide if fraternity or sorority membership is right for them. An individual may be offered to join several different chapters, but at no point is that person obligated to accept those offers.


Tyler Manning - Director of the Office of Student Involvement

Department - Office Of Student Involvement