Social Event Planning

Health & Safety Guidelines 

All fraternities & sororities at Illinois Wesleyan University are required to complete a Social Event Registration Form for their on & off-campus social functions with alcohol present with the Office of Student Involvement. This is to help chapters prepare for a healthy and safe event and support adherence to both University and Inter/national risk management policies. A copy of the completed event registration will be given to the sponsoring chapter leadership, it's chapter advisor, IWU Campus Safety and the Dean of Students Office.

Events should be registered as outlined below:

  • For events with alcohol and held on campus at least five (5) days prior to the date of the event.

  • For events with alcohol and held off campus at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the event.

Any events registered less than the appropriate number days in advance will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

All chapters will be required to do an event consultation with the Director or Assistant Director of Student Involvement prior to event occurrence. Staff will reach out post-registration to set-up a time to discuss the event.

For events involving alcohol, final guest lists are due 24 hours prior to the event. For events occurring over the weekend, lists are due by noon the last business day before the event to allow for review.

To complete your Social Event Registration, click here.

Health & Safety Training

At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, all chapter presidents, risk managers, and social chairs are required to attend a risk management training prior to being able to submit any Social Event Registration Forms for review. The training sessions are focused on reviewing risk management policies, harm reduction practices, and the event planning and will vary per semester.

Sober Monitor Certification

All individual members who will serve as a sober monitor or beverage distribution center monitor for an event must complete a virtual training session annually educating about the effects of alcohol, other drugs, event procedures, and bystander intervention. The virtual training sessions will be offered once each semester for sophomore, juniors, and seniors. Certifications last for four semesters. The Office of Student Involvement will provide a list of those who have completed this virtual training. 

Co-Sponsored Events

For any events [swaps/mixers/exchanges] that are hosted by 2 or more organizations (IWU chapters co-sponsoring with other IWU chapters, ISU chapters, organizations, etc.), each chapter should complete the Social Event Registration Form. 

Host in On-Campus Facilities

Chapters are able to host social functions in on campus facilities as long as they adhere to all campus policies. Any food or beverage at the event must be catered through Sodexo Dinning Services. Reservations for facility use must be made through the 25Live reservation system. All applicable policies and guidelines for facility usage established by IWU as well as any fire code capacities set by the University should be followed.

Off-Campus & Third Party Vendors

For all off-campus events involving alcohol, chapters must hire external security to assist in managing the event. Many venues include security in their event contracts and these would meet this requirement. For events in venues where security is not provided, chapters should contract with an external security company. Chapters must also submit the venues proof of insurance and liquor/alcohol license to staff in the Office of Student Involvement. Information is collected about the third party venue in the Social Event Registration Form.

Guest Lists

Guest lists are required for all events with alcohol. All guest lists should follow one of the templates in the resources section of this page. Guests lists are limited to 2 guests per member or a total number of guests that does not exceed the fire code for the facility, whichever is reached first. Your guest list should include members and pledges/new members as well as any non-members guests. If alumni are attending the event, you should also include them on the guest list. Final guest lists are due 24 hours prior to the event. For events occurring over the weekend, lists are due by noon the last business day before the event to allow for review. Click here to download the approved guest list form.