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Health & Safety Programs

We are dedicated to fostering a safe and healthy environment within our Fraternity and Sorority Community. Through various initiatives and training programs, we aim to educate and empower our members to make responsible choices and prioritize their well-being. Explore the following programs that promote health, safety, and responsible behavior among our fraternity and sorority members.

Health and Safety Summit

The Health & Safety Summit is an annual event that brings together fraternity and sorority leaders to address important topics related to well-being and safety. The summit provides a platform for open dialogue, the sharing of best practices, and the development of strategies to enhance the overall health and safety culture within our community. Through engaging workshops, speakers, and collaborative discussions, participants gain valuable insights and tools to implement effective health and safety initiatives within their chapters.

Safe Social Hosting Training

Safe Social Hosting Training equips members with the knowledge and skills necessary to host events responsibly and ensure the safety of all attendees. This program emphasizes the importance of proactive planning, risk management, and promoting a culture of consent. Participants learn about legal obligations, alcohol and drug policies, crowd control, and emergency response protocols. By completing this training, members become adept at organizing inclusive, enjoyable, and safe social events that reflect the values of our community.

Sober Monitor Certification

The Sober Monitor Certification program focuses on training members to serve as responsible and attentive monitors at social events. Sober monitors play a crucial role in maintaining a safe environment by promoting responsible drinking habits, intervening in potentially risky situations, and ensuring that attendees have access to necessary resources and support. This certification program provides participants with the knowledge and tools to effectively fulfill their responsibilities as sober monitors, contributing to the overall well-being and safety of our community. Students remain certified for up to 4 semesters at which time a refresher course is required to become recertified.

Green Dot Bystander Intervention

The Green Dot program is an innovative violence prevention initiative that empowers fraternity and sorority members to intervene in situations that could potentially lead to harm. Through Green Dot training, participants learn to recognize the signs of power-based personal violence, such as sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking, and are equipped with effective strategies to intervene safely and effectively. By adopting a bystander intervention approach, our fraternity and sorority community actively contributes to the prevention of violence and the creation of a safer environment for all members. Green Dot training sessions are interactive, engaging, and designed to foster a sense of responsibility and empowerment within our community.

National Hazing Prevention Week

National Hazing Prevention Week is a nationwide campaign aimed at raising awareness and eradicating hazing practices. During this week-long initiative, our fraternity and sorority community come together to educate members about the dangers and consequences of hazing, foster a culture of respect and inclusivity, and promote alternative methods of building strong bonds within organizations. Activities during National Hazing Prevention Week may include educational workshops, panel discussions, guest speakers, and collaborative projects that highlight the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for all members.