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Chapter Thrive Program

The purpose of the Chapter Thrive Program is to establish standards that ensure every IWU fraternity and sorority is committed to creating a high quality student experience for its members, with a particular emphasis on creating thriving members and chapters. Thriving is defined as “being fully engaged intellectually, socially, and emotionally in the fraternity and sorority experience.”  In order to experience the purpose of this program and to assist with thriving, chapters will be expected to meet minimum expectations and set & achieve at least two chapter-specific goals related to each area of thriving.

The Illinois Wesleyan Fraternity & Sorority Community focuses on seven areas of thriving:

  • Academic Development: Ensuring that fraternity and sorority members are actively engaged intellectually, supported in their studies, and striving for academic excellence within the IWU community.
  • Health & Safety: Prioritizing the well-being and safety of all fraternity and sorority members, promoting a culture of responsible decision-making, and providing resources for physical and mental health.
  • Membership Recruitment/Intake & Retention: Implementing inclusive and thoughtful recruitment and intake processes to attract new members who align with the organization's values and fostering an environment that encourages member retention and a sense of belonging.
  • Member Education & Development: Offering comprehensive and enriching educational programs that empower members to develop personally, professionally, and as leaders during their fraternity and sorority experience.
  • Relationships: Nurturing positive and meaningful relationships among fraternity and sorority members, as well as fostering strong connections with the broader campus community and beyond.
  • Philanthropy: Encouraging and supporting chapters in their efforts to engage in philanthropic activities and contribute positively to society through charitable initiatives.
  • Community Service: Promoting a commitment to community service and encouraging members to actively contribute to the betterment of the local Bloomington-Normal and global communities.

To review the full Chapter Thrive program, including a list of all minimum expectations, please click here .