International Environmental Sustainability Major

Requirements (click here for downloadable checklist)

Students must take a minimum of 11 courses, at least four of which are at the 300-level or above including the following (*check prerequisites).

Required Core Courses (8 total)

  1. ENST 100 - Environment and Society
  2. ENST/BIOL 120 - Ecology and Environmental Problems
  3. ENST 230 (formerly 110) - Earth Systems Science
  4. PSCI 326 - Globalization and Development 
  5. Politics requirement - one of the following: ENST/PSCI 361 - Globalization and the Environment or ENST/PSCI 362 Global Sustainability and Asian Development or ENST/PSCI 363 Global Responses to Climate Change
  6. Culture requirement - one of the following: ANTH/ENST 274 - Peoples and Cultures of East Africa or ANTH/ENST 288 - Consuming Passions: The Anthropology of Food
  7. Research methods requirement - one of the following:
  8. Ethics requirement - either PHIL 301 (formerly 302) Ethics and the Environment or ENST/PSCI 365 - Ethical Dilemmas in Environmental Politics
  9. ENST 480* - Senior Seminar: Creating a Sustainable Society

    Elective Courses (2 total)

  10. One elective International Environmental Sustainability courses from the approved list (see below).
  11. One elective Natural Science course from the approved list (below).      

    Students concentrating in this area are especially encouraged to study abroad.
    No more than one internship (ENST 397) may count toward the major.

International Environmental Sustainability (approved elective courses - 1 required)

Only one of the elective courses in this category may be ENST 250, 397, 450 or 451.
**This course may count as an additional international environmental sustainability elective only if not taken to fill one of the required courses for the concentration.

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Natural Science (approved elective courses - 1 required)