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We offer three unique concentrations to complete the Environmental Studies major.

  • Ecology

    The Ecology concentration is a course of natural science study for students interested in investigating and preserving the Earth's biodiversity. This concentration provides the necessary foundation for students to work as a field or research technician or pursue graduate degrees in such fields as ecology, conservation biology, and restoration ecology. Students with this major generally aspire to careers working as a research scientist for state and federal governments, non-governmental organizations, and environmental consulting firms, or for a career as a middle school or high school science teacher or university professor.

  • Global Sustainability, Policy & Justice
    The Global Sustainability, Policy & Justice concentration is a course of social science study for students interested in examining issues of sustainability that focuses on the societal experiences, political and economic factors, and justice implications of environmental challenges. Students explore the means of addressing these challenges at home, in other countries, and through international agreements. Students with this major generally aspire to careers in environmental advocacy, consulting, corporate responsibility, law, management, public policy, green design, and urban planning. The curriculum provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of graduate and professional degrees as well for the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps.
  • Nature and Society
    The Nature and Society concentration is a course of study that provides flexibility for students to pursue a range of interests and develop a broad base of knowledge in the environmental field. This concentration allows students the greatest freedom among the three concentrations to select the courses they want to construct their major. It is particularly well suited for those who love learning about nature and the environment but are as yet unsure of the precise career path they wish to take, or for those who seek an environmental career in writing or the arts. The concentration in Nature and Society prepares students for work in environmental advocacy, communication, consulting, education, government and journalism, as well as for the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and many masters degree programs.


A student who wishes to pursue a disciplinary major, but would like to supplement his or her education with coursework on the environment, should consider pursuing an Environmental Studies Minor.


All students seeking an Environmental Studies degree should consult with the ES Director early in their studies to determine which course of study is most appropriate for achieving their desired goals. All ES majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad or off-campus.




Abigail Jahiel - Professor of Environmental and International Studies

Department - Environmental Studies