We offer four unique ways to complete the Environmental Studies major.

Students can pursue a General Major in Environmental Studies, expanding upon the core courses required of all majors with additional course work in the natural sciences, human culture and social institutions. The General Major provides the flexibility necessary for those interested in the environment but as yet undecided in their career path, or those interested in the humanities, to pursue their interests and develop a broad base of knowledge in the field.

Alternatively, students can pursue a specialist degree in which they attain in-depth knowledge of a particular area of study through completion of a Concentration in one of three fields: Ecology, Environmental Policy, or International Environmental Sustainability. The Concentrations are designed especially for those who intend to pursue graduate education in environmental science, environmental policy or law, or international sustainable development.


A student who wishes to pursue a disciplinary major, but would like to supplement his or her education with coursework on the environment, should consider pursuing an Environmental Studies Minor.


All students seeking an Environmental Studies degree should consult with the ES Director early in their studies to determine which course of study is most appropriate for achieving their desired goals. All ES majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad or off-campus.

Joe Daniels JWP Research

Joe Daniels'13 presents his ES Senior Seminar research on Eliminating Disposable Water Bottles at the annual IWU John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference.