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Acting Course Plan (first 3 semesters)

This is an example course plan based on the 2021-2022 University Catalog; your actual schedule may deviate from this example. Your faculty advisor will work with you to select appropriate courses.

As an IWU student, it is your responsibility to track your progress each semester towards completing graduation requirements using the MyIWU degree audit tool.

Year 1

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

May Term

  • Optional

* Students pursing the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) must complete two of the following three courses: THEA 110: Stagecraft, THEA 112: Costume Technology, and THEA 114: Lighting and Sound Technology.

Year 2
Study Abroad

For students interested in studying abroad, the recommended semester(s) is fall or spring,third year.

Additional Information
  • All Theatre Arts majors - BA, BFA Acting, Design & Technology and Music Theatre must take Gateway in the first fall semester.
  • The Arts (AR) general education requirement is fulfilled by THEA 241 in the second or third year.
  • The Cultural & Historical Change (CHC) general education requirement is fulfilled by THEA 371 or THEA 372 in the third year.