School of Theatre Arts Faculty & Staff


"The faculty at IWU made it possible for me - they guided me in a way that was the epitome of good teaching: selfless."-- Amanda Dehnert, BFA Music Theatre '94, SDC Freelance Director, Assistant Professor - Northwestern University & Artistic Associate -Trinity Rep


Curtis C. Trout (1990)

Director of School of Theatre Arts
Professor of Theatre Arts/Scenic Design

Nancy Loitz (1986)

Professor of Theatre Arts/Acting & Directing

Jean MacFarland Kerr (1990)

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts/Dance Coordinator

Marcia K. McDonald (1998)

Head of BFA in Theatre Design & Technology
Associate Professor of Theatre Arts/Costume Design

Scott Susong (2007)

Head of BFA in Music Theatre
Associate Professor of Theatre Arts/Music Theatre, Acting & Directing

Dr. Dani Snyder-Young (2008)

Head of BA in Theatre
Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts/History, Theory & Literature

Thomas A. Quinn (2009)

Head of BFA in Acting
Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts/Acting, Camera & Shakespeare

Saundra DeAthos-Meers (2008)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts/Music Coordinator

Stephen Sakowski (2011)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre/Lighting Design

 Dr. Christopher Connelly (2010)

-interim 2012-13

Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre



Dr. John Ficca (1956-2002)

Acting & Directing

Dr. Jared Brown (1989-2002)


History, Theory & Literature


Adjunct Instructors & Staff
Charlie Berggren (2012) Accompanist for Music Theatre
Ekaterine Bezirgani (2004) Ballet
Gretchen Church (2010) Music Theory & Keyboard for Music Theatre
Ronald Emmons (2011) Dramatic Literature
Julie Kasa (2010) Accompanist for Music Theatre
Lyuda Kizer (1996) Acting
Sheri Marley (1989) Jazz, Modern, Social & Broadway Dance Repertory
Saul Nache (2010) Singing for Music Theatre
Jeanne Oost (1998) Costume Shop Supervisor
Dmitri Peskov (2011) Ballet
Karla Bailey-Smith (2012) Scene Shop Supervisor
Gloria Cardoni-Smith (1997) Principal Accompanist for Music Theatre
Natalie Stephens (2012) Singing for Music Theatre
Cristen Monson (2011) Recruiting Coordinator for the School of Theatre Arts
Suzie Thetard (2006) Stage Makeup
Armie Thompson (1999) Technical Director
Kelly J. Ullom (1989) Theatre & Box Office Coordinator
Jessica Riss-Waltrip (2003) Modern, Jazz & Tap