Example Course Plan

Environmental Studies (Nature & Society)

Environmental Studies (Ecology)

Environmental Studies (Sustainability)

Global Sustainability, Policy, and Justice Course Plan (first 3 semesters)

This is an example course plan based on the 2022-2023 University Catalog; your actual schedule may deviate from this example. Your faculty advisor will work with you to select appropriate courses.

As an IWU student, it is your responsibility to track your progress each semester towards completing graduation requirements using the MyIWU degree audit tool.

Year 1

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

May Term

  • Optional
Year 2

Fall Semester

Additional Information for Spring Semester

  • During the 4th semester (Spring of Year 2) Global Sustainability, Policy, and Justice majors are encouraged to take a course that fulfills the Methods requirement for the major. Students should also consider taking one course from the approved list designated as International Politics requirement or Economics/Development requirement for the major.


Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad and should consult with the Director of the Environmental Studies Program to decide on a case-by-case basis which semester(s) would be most appropriate.

Additional Information
  • Though BIOL 101-102 is not required for the general major in Environmental Studies or the Environmental Policy or International Environmental Sustainability concentrations, students should enroll in BIOL 101-102 their first year if they are, or may be, interested in focusing their major in the scientific study of the environment. Due to course sequencing, without taking the introductory biology sequence (BIOL 101-102) in the first year, it is impossible later in their undergraduate career to pursue the Ecology Concentration.