Books by English Faculty

 Book cover - Critical Insights Conspiracies

Critical Insights: Conspiracies

James Plath (2020)

 Plath poems


Everything Shapes Itself to the Sea

James Plath (2017)


John Updike's Pennsylvania Interviews

James Plath (2016)


Critical Insights Film: Casablanca

James Plath (2016)


The Little Magazine in Contemporary America

Joanne Diaz (2015)



My Favorite Tyrants

Joanne Diaz (2014)


Critical Insights: Raymond Carver

James Plath (2013)



The Lessons

Joanne Diaz (2011)


Historic Photos of Ernest Hemingway

James Plath (2009)


Structure and Surprise: Engaging Poetic Turns

Michael Theune (2007)


Remembering Ernest Hemingway

James Plath (1999)



Conversations with John Updike

James Plath (1994)