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Image of Wes Chapman
Wes Chapman

Associate Professor of English

( Literary theory, poetry, modernism, postmodernism )

Dr. Chapman enjoys composing for acoustic guitar almost as much as he likes asking students to question what they know. 

Contact: (309)

Image of Joanne Diaz
Joanne Diaz

Professor of English

( Creative writing--poetry, early modern literature )

When she’s not busy writing poems, Professor Diaz can be found chasing down the dropped “R” in the Boston accent.

Contact: (309)

Image of James Plath
James Plath

Professor of English, R. Forrest Colwell Endowed Chair of English

( Journalism, creative writing--fiction, film, American literature since 1850 )

Professor Plath ran with the bulls in Pamplona and was the featured scholar on a Travel Channel show, “Hemingway in Key West.”

Contact: (309)

Image of Brandi Reissenweber
Brandi Reissenweber

Associate Professor of English

(Creative writing--fiction)

Living in Jack Kerouac’s former home, traveling across Sudan, or exploring local trails in search of a quiet spot, Professor Reissenweber always can be seen with a good book.

Contact: (309)

Image of Molly Robey
Molly Robey

Associate Professor of English

(19th- and early 20th-century American literature, religion and literature, women's writing, African American literature)

A connoisseur of living history museums, 1990s music, and “classic” reality television, Professor Robey boasts an impressive presidential memorabilia collection.

Contact: (309)

Image of Michael Theune
Michael Theune

Robert Harrington Professor of English,  University Writing Program Director, and Department Chair

(Creative writing--poetry, contemporary American poetry, British romanticism)

Professor Theune’s love of surprises—in jokes, mysteries, The Prestige has led him, often with student assistants, to explore the art of the twist in poetry.

Contact: (309)

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Diana Jaher


Adjunct Instructors

Kathleen Zurkowski


Professors Emeriti

Mary Ann Bushman
Barbara Bowman
Robert Bray
Lynn DeVore
Pamela Muirhead 
Alison Sainsbury
Dan Terkla



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