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Image of Wes Chapman
Wes Chapman

Associate Professor of English

( Literary theory, poetry, modernism, postmodernism )

Dr. Chapman enjoys composing for acoustic guitar almost as much as he likes asking students to question what they know. 

Contact: (309)

Image of Joanne Diaz
Joanne Diaz

Professor of English and  Department Chair

( Creative writing--poetry, early modern literature )

When she’s not busy writing poems, Professor Diaz can be found chasing down the dropped “R” in the Boston accent.

Contact: (309)

Image of Kathleen O'Gorman
Kathleen O'Gorman

Professor of English

( 20th- and 21st-century British and Irish literature, 20th- and 21st-century experimental fiction, American and British drama )

Dr. O is notorious for wearing earrings that reflect the texts she’s teaching, and her short fictions have been published as part of an iPhone app. 

Contact: (309)

Image of James Plath
James Plath

Professor of English, R. Forrest Colwell Endowed Chair of English

( Journalism, creative writing--fiction, film, American literature since 1850 )

Professor Plath ran with the bulls in Pamplona and was the featured scholar on a Travel Channel show, “Hemingway in Key West.”

Contact: (309)

Image of 

Brandi Reissenweber
Brandi Reissenweber

Associate Professor of English

( Creative writing--fiction )

 Living in Jack Kerouac’s former home, traveling across Sudan, or exploring local trails in search of a quiet spot, Professor Reissenweber always can be seen with a good book.

Contact: (309) 556- 3241 breissen

Image of 
Molly Robey
Molly Robey

Associate Professor of English

( 19th- and early 20th-century American literature, religion and literature, women's writing, African American literature )

A connoisseur of living history museums, 1990s music, and “classic” reality television, Professor Robey boasts an impressive presidential memorabilia collection.

Contact: (309) 556-3249 mrobey

Image of Michael Theune
Michael Theune

Robert Harrington Professor of English and University Writing Program Director

( Creative writing--poetry, contemporary American poetry, British romanticism )

Professor Theune’s love of surprises—in jokes, mysteries, The Prestige —has led him, often with student assistants, to explore the art of the twist in poetry.

Contact: (309)

Adjunct Assistant Professors
 Diana Jaher

Adjunct Instructors  
 Kathleen Zurkowski


Professors Emeriti

Mary Ann Bushman
Barbara Bowman
Robert Bray
Lynn DeVore
Pamela Muirhead 
Alison Sainsbury
Dan Terkla


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