Nikki Kaye Pape President's Club Award for Excellence in Writing

Established in 1971 by Professor Max Pape, the award is given at Commencement to the graduating senior selected by the faculty of the English department for the best work written during the academic year.  All forms of writing are eligible—criticism, essays, fiction, poetry, and journalism—and the portfolios students enter may contain a mixture of genres. Previous Winners:

2020--Amanda Pippin

2019--Abigail Kauerauf

2018--Grace McGovern

2017--Jasmine Wright

2016--Kristina Dehlin

2015--Hannah Dhue

2014--Colleen O’Connor

2013--Janna Strain

2012--Jacqueline Connelly and Kylie Peters

2011—Brandon Dorn

2010—Andrew Dorkin

2009—Kaelyn Riley

2008—Joanna Mulder

2007—Rebecca Welzenbach

2006—Erie Martha Roberts

2005—Jaclyn Jemc

2004—Mac McCormick

2003—Jackie Waters