Ashley Wilson Award for Argus Staffer of the Year

Presented in honor of Ashley Wilson, who was Chief Copy Editor of The Argus when she tragically drowned in Australia on a May Term travel course. Ashley epitomized teamwork, hard work, and working to “get it right.” This is a staff award, the equivalent of an MVP, with each student on staff voting anonymously and the votes tallied by The Argus advisor.  Previous winners:

2018—John Barrett

2017—Janna Fitzgerald

2016—Jeff Neukom

2015—Anna Lowenthal

2014—Jeff Neukom

2013—Kevin Brown and Tia Sprengel

2012—Nicholas Desideri

2011—Patrick Cavanaugh

2010—Nicole Travis

2009—Nicole Travis

2008—Amelia Benner

2007—Daniel Armstrong

2006—Rebecca Welzenbach

2005—Sarah Zeller

2004—Brandon Christol