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Arthur William Hinners and Louise Hinners Sipfle Poetry Prize, presented by The Academy of American Poets

First awarded in 1979, the prize is open to all IWU students, though English majors have won the bulk of the awards. Previous winners include Sandra Steingraber, who went on be become a celebrated writer-biologist. This is a cash prize of $100 for the winner, with honorable mention certificates also awarded. The Academy of American Poets sponsors these contests every spring at more than 150 American colleges and universities. Winning poems are eligible for publication by the Academy. Students submit portfolios of two to ten original poems, to be screened by the English department and judged by an accomplished writer not affiliated with IWU. Previous winners:

2024--Farah Bassyouni

2023--Nina Deboni

2022--Farah Bassyouni

2021--Bonnie Smith

2020--Yovana Milosevic

2019--Kathryn Halford

2018--Grace McGovern

2017--John McHugh

2016--Grace McGovern

2015--Erica Kucharski

2014--Colleen O'Connor

2013--Janna Strain

2012--Korey Williams

2011--Stephen Whitfield

2010—BethAnne Roberts and Mike Whitfield

2009—Kaelyn Riley

2008—Kaelyn Riley

2007—Amanda ReCupido and Kaelyn Riley

2006—Amy Kowalski

2005—Jacelyn Jemc

2004—Chelsea Hillyer

2003—Austin Smith

2002--William R. Porter

2001—Mark A. Heine

2000—Christine L. Pacyk

1999—Christine L. Pacyk

1998—Isaac P. Spear

1997—Isaac P. Spear

1996—Caroline M. Pyevich

1995—Sarah L. Fowles

1994—Zarina S. Mullan and David L. Yerkes

1993—Kristin H. Seidler-Connolly

1992—Richard A. House

1991—Angela J. Hill

1990—Cheryl L. Delk

1989—Eric S. Gardner

1988—Heidi Miller

1987—Jim Lewis

Michael Theune - Robert Harrington Endowed Professor of English and Chair of English

Department - English