Courses of Study

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Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification at IWU is governed by the requirements of the State of Illinois. This includes requirements for state certification tests, and the knowledge and performance standards required of all teacher certification candidates. Every Illinois Wesleyan University candidate must meet the standards outlined for all Illinois teachers. These standards are subject to changes by the state. An information meeting is held each semester for students interested in pursuing certification.  For more information, contact the Chair of the Educational Studies Department.  For more detailed information, refer to the Teacher Education Handbook.


Interdisciplinary Major and Minor

The Educational Studies Department recognizes that many students have varying interests in education, child and family issues, but may not want to teach in the public schools. The faculty offers courses relevant to all students interested in studying the processes, problems and prospects of education, and the relationship of educational institutions to other social institutions. Any student who desires to work with developmentally, culturally and economically diverse children, adolescents and their families may pursue an interdisciplinary non-certification major or minor.