being exceptional
 Enhance awareness of people with disabilities
social justice wall
Reflect on what social justice means
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 Facilitate sessions during a teaching symposium
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 Engage in discourse about educational research
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 Collaborate under faculty mentorship


As teacher-scholars for social justice, teacher candidates actively engage in leading professional development events on campus. Previous events include sharing their perspective about what social justice means to them, promoting awareness and knowledge of people with disabilities, demonstrating how they integrate technology into their teaching, and facilitating discourse during teacher panels. Students teachers also lead interactive sessions on curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy topics (e.g., building teacher-student relationship, classroom management, standard-based grading, IEP) during a student led Student Teaching Symposium . This annual event started in 2016 and serves as a professional development opportunity for teacher candidates to learn from their peers.


As teacher-scholars for social justice, graduating teacher candidates present their poster or oral presentations as a culmination of their capstone research experience during the Annual Inquiries into Teaching and Learning Conference (in conjunction with the John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference ).The year 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of this education conference and  launching of our open access undergraduate research journal. Educational Studies’ research posters from this conference continue to be one of the most downloaded IWU undergraduate research projects accessible here and abroad through Digital Commons. Some teacher candidates pursue an Honor's Research Project in addition to their capstone undergraduate research experience.