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Student Payroll/Work Study FAQ

When are student time cards due?

Time cards are due in the Business Office on the 1st of the month.

When do I get paid? You get paid on the 10th of the month during the academic year. For students working over summer break, you will be paid on the same bi-weekly  pay schedule as IWU non-exempt employees.  Payday is every other Friday.

Do I have to fill out tax forms? Yes, any student paid through student payroll must have a Federal and State W4 on file. You must also show proper identification for the Federal I-9 form.

Where do I go to fill out tax forms? All tax forms for students are in the Financial Aid Office.

Do I have to sign my timecard? Yes, all timecards must be signed by the student and the supervisor. Unsigned timecards will be returned to the department.

I lost my paycheck what do I do? Paychecks can be reissued after a stop payment has been placed on the lost check. The person who lost the check incurs a charge equivalent to the fee assessed by the payroll processor to void the check.

How long must I wait for a replacement check? A check normally must be outstanding for 30 days from the date of issue before the Business Office places a stop payment on the check. A replacement check will then be issued in the next pay cycle.