Value of an IWU Education

Well worth the investment

In comparison with our competitors, federal statistics show that Illinois Wesleyan students are more likely to remain in school, graduate on time, earn a higher salary and pay off any student debt after graduation. When considering the full picture, choosing Illinois Wesleyan is a solid investment.

Don't just take our word for it, we invite you to check the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard


Your goal after completing school is to earn a salary. What if we told you that, chances are, you’ll earn more with an Illinois Wesleyan degree than with a degree from other competitor schools in Illinois? We’ve reviewed the research and it is true. Illinois Wesleyan graduates earn an average of $61,100 after graduation.* Zippia has ranked us #1 in Illinois for salaries of graduates (2018).

*10 years after graduation

chart of students paying down debt with IWU having the highest rate of 87% A COMPARISON OF OTHER ILLINOIS COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES


Your ability to pay down debt after graduation speaks to your ability to find employment, and the salary you command after graduation. At Illinois Wesleyan, our Hart Career Center (HCC) staff is dedicated to helping students find purposeful and rewarding internships, create stellar resums highlighting breakthrough experiences, and connecting them to a vast network of recruiters, employers and alumni.




Photo of student Max Leonard '16

"The total compensation package offered by my employer was more competitive than I ever expected. The support of my economics and physics professors, the Hart Career Center and the Titan alumni network made that possible."

Max Leonard '16
Analyst, Cornerstone Research, Washington D.C.




Illinois Wesleyan stands out among the thousands of colleges and universities in the nation, compared on a wide range of factors by a growing number of publishers.  We hate bragging - so we'll let others do the talking for us.  Read more of what other's say about us. 

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