12 Ophelias


(a play with broken songs)

by Caridad Svich

February 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 @ 8:00PM

February 16 @ 2:00 PM

 Shakespeare's Ophelia dreams of Pop-Tarts and a moody Rude Boy who in another life might be called Hamlet.   Set in neo-Elizabethan Appalachia, this whimsical, lyrical play with songs turns the Hamlet story on its ear in a world where desire swallows girls whole and nothing is ever what it seems.  This show is intended for mature audiences.


  • Sarah Menke

    as Ophelia

    Sarah is a junior BA Theatre Arts major and English minor from Evergreen Park, IL. Previous McPherson Theatre positions include A Shayna Maidel (Hanna), The Children's Hour (run crew), Tartuffe (run crew), Promenade (run crew), 9 to 5 (usher), and the Faculty Choreographed Dance Concert 2013: Sins (asst. stage manager). Sarah also worked in the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory Theatre production of Red Devils (dramaturg). She acted in the Directing 1 class scenes and the Ethnodrama Project I Just Knew. This summer, thanks to an Eckley Summer Research grant, Sarah worked with the Tangleknot Theatre's production of Nickel and Dimed (dramaturg, asst. stage manager, audience development, and outreach associate). "Special thanks to my truly incredible family and friends. I love you. Thank you for everything."

    Contact: smenke@iwu.edu

  • Ben Mulgrew

    as Rude Boy

    Ben is a senior BFA Music Theatre major from Dubuque, IA. Previous McPherson Theatre productions include A Class Act (Ed Kleban), As You Like It (Orlando), A Shayna Maidel (Duvid Pechenik), and Promenade (Mr. T). Ben was in the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory Theatre production of The Spitfire Grill (Joe). He was also part of the Music Theatre Workshop's production of All The Kids Are Doing It (Lars), and Thrill Me (Richard Loeb) in the Phoenix Theatre. Outside of IWU, Ben works as a professional singer and performer at Six Flags Great America. "Special thanks to my family and friends for their love and support."

    Contact: bmulgrew@iwu.edu

  • Joey Chu

    as H

    Contact: jchu@iwu.edu

  • Abigail Dryden

    as Mina

     Abigail is a senior BFA Acting major from Saint Louis, MO. In McPherson, Abigail has performed in Hay Fever (Sorel Bliss), The Children's Hour (Helen Burton) and was the wardrobe crew head for A Shayna Maidel and As You Like It. In the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory theatre, she has performed in Playhouse Creatures (Mrs. Barry) and Red Devils (Beth). Special thanks to "my parents, Nancy and the cast, and my brother."

    Contact: adryden@iwu.edu

  • Elaina Henderson

    as R

    Contact: ehender1@iwu.edu

  • Zach Wagner

    as G

     Zachery is a senior BA Theatre Arts major with a minor in Asian Studies from Wayzata, MN. In McPherson, Zachery has performed in Hello Again (The Young Thing), Tartuffe (Valere), 9 to 5 (Doctor/Milston Hinkle), and As You Like It (Oliver). His designs have been seen in McPherson in Promenade (Associate Costume Designer), Faculty Choreographed Dance Concert 2013: Sins (Costume Designer), and A Shayna Maidel (Costume Designer). His previous work in the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory Theatre includes Alice's Golden Hour/Adaptation (Costume Designer). Zachery serves as the Artistic Director for Shringara Theatre Company. Professionally, he served as the assistant costume designer for Twelfth Night for the Great River Shakespeare Festival. "My sincerest gratitude to my family, friends, and mentors. It's only through your support that I've gotten this far – thank you."

    Contact: zwagner@iwu.edu

  • Kayla White

    as Gertrude

     Kayla is a senior BFA Music Theatre major from Phoenix, AZ. She has been seen in 9 to 5 (ensemble) and in Faculty Choreographed Dance Concert 2013: Sins (dancer) in McPherson Theatre, and in The Breach (Woman, Linda, Quan Older) in the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory Theatre. Kayla has also performed in the Phoenix Theatre in Wedding Band (Mattie), The Insanity of Mary Girard (Fury #4/Ms. Phillips), and Colorblind (Darla/McKeny). Kayla has appeared in the Music Theatre Society's productions of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Ruby Rae) and Bloomer Girl (Aurelia/Topsy). She also worked on All The Kids Are Doing It in her classroom work for Music Theatre Workshop. Kayla is a board member of Shringara Theatre Company. Professionally, she has been seen in Cinderlla (Patches) and Princess and the Pea (Chief) at Missoula Children's Theatre International Tours. "I would like to give an obscene amount of thanks to my parents, family and friends, and faculty at IWU, because they have put up with me through the crazy mess and have always been a million percent behind me pursuing my dreams. Also, Adam, you've been here since the very first Thursday, and I don't know how to even begin to thank you for that."

    Contact: kwhite3@iwu.edu

  • Casey Cudmore

    as Chorus Girl

    Contact: ccudmore@iwu.edu

  • Mandi Corrao

    as Chorus Girl

     Mandi is a senior BA Theatre Arts major with a minor in Theatre Dance from Mokena, IL. On the McPherson Theatre stage she served as assistant costume designer for Promenade, musical director and flautist for As You Like It, and appeared in 9 to 5 (Maria Delgado) and A Class Act (Felicia Lipshitz). She has also been involved in a number of Phoenix shows, including Dog Sees God (Marci), The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket (Fire), Celebrations Cabaret (cabaret performer), The Insanity of Mary Girard (Polly Kenton and with the Student Choreographed Dance Concert.

    Contact: acorrao@iwu.edu

  • Si'Mon Emmett

    as Chorus Girl

     Si Mon' is a sophomore BFA Acting major from Dallas, TX. She has served on crews in McPherson for A Class Act (usher) and Hay Fever (Co-Wardrobe Head). She served as the Publicity Assistant for the Student Choreographed Dance Concert 2013, and holds the position of Public Relations Manager for Shringara Theatre Company. Professionally, Si Mon' served as the Development Intern for Dallas Children's Theatre. "Special thanks to Shen Yee Choong! For being an amazingly supportive roommate and helping me memorize lines in the middle of the night. You're great, mate! And Kelly, for helping me fight through homesickness freshman year. Gotta love ya!"

    Contact: semmett@iwu.edu

  • Priscilla Moy

    as Chorus Girl

    Priscilla is a junior BFA Acting major with a minor in Theatre Dance from Chicago, IL. She recently appeared in McPherson in Hay Fever (Jackie Coryton, Myra Arundel u/s), and has served on many crews in McPherson for The Children's Hour (usher), Hello Again (run crew), 9 to 5 (wardrobe crew), As You Like It (light hang electrician), and Faculty Choreographed Dance Concert: Sins (usher). Priscilla served on the run crew for Election Day in the E. Melba Johnson Kirkpatrick Laboratory Theatre. Priscilla was a part of the Research Honors project Skin Deeper and performed in the Shringara Theatre production of Trying to find Chinatown. "I would like to thank my friends and family for the support through my decisions to succeed in my dreams, and for going on this journey of life with me, believing in me every step of the way."

    Contact: pmoy@iwu.edu

  • Rosie Alspach

    as Chorus Girl

    Contact: ralspach@iwu.edu




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12 Ophelias

12 Ophelias


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