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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre

One of the oldest degrees of its kind in the United States, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre  prepares students for professional theatrical careers through a well-rounded, conservatory-style curriculum in a traditional college setting. Our commitment to the rich history of musical theatre and rigorous training in music, acting and dance is complemented by a variety of general education courses at a top-level liberal arts university.

We are a proud member of the National Alliance for Music Theatre and participate in the Musical Theater Common Prescreen.

Supported Production Season

The School of Theatre Arts produces at least two full-scale musicals annually, plus a biennial Faculty Choreographed Dance Concert. For more information on our current season, click here.

Music Theatre Workshop & Scene Study Showcase

The mission of Music Theatre Workshop is to explore the works of a new or upcoming composer. Students work with composers to shape and create characters and serve as a way for young composers to hear and see their works in a collegial environment. Students come away with real life workshop experience and connections to professional composers working in the business.

Music Theatre Scene Study explores the music and works of a composer or specific genre. Students work on scenes and solos throughout the semester culminating with a showcase performance.


Major Sequence in Music Theatre:

22.25 course units required for the major to include:

  1. Nine and one half units in Theatre/Music Theatre to include: THEA 105Y and 106Y, 180, 181, 185, 211, 241, 280, 384 and 484, and MUTH 374, 383 and 483.
  2. One of the following: THEA 100, 112
  3. One course unit from the following: THEA 371, 372
  4. Five and one quarter units of Music/Music Theatre to include: MUS 23/23X or MUS 26/26X, MUTH 160, 160X, 161, 161X, 162, 163, 262, 263, 362, 363, 462, 463
  5. Three units of Music Theatre Dance (14 enrollments required across 8 semesters) using a combination of PECY, PECX and MUTH enrollments based on instructor's placement: PEC 140Y, MUTH 132/PEC 142X, MUTH 133/PEC143X, MUTH 134/PEC 144X, MUTH 135/PEC 145X, MUTH 232/PEC 232X, MUTH 233/PEC 233X, MUTH 234/PEC 234X, MUTH 235/PEC 235X, MUTH 331, MUTH 332/PEC 332X, MUTH 333/PEC 333X, MUTH 334/PEC 334X, MUTH 335/PEC 335X, MUTH 435
  6. Two additional upper level units from the following Music Theatre/Theatre/Music courses: MUTH 336, 337, 494, MUS 351, THEA 341, 355, 376, 377, 378, 380, 381, 383, 385, 481, 482, 483, 441, 455, 486

Music Theatre Course Plan Course Descriptions Apply to SoTA

Anna Corvera - Instructional Professor of Dance

Department - School Of Theatre Arts