Theatre Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre offers students an experiential and instructional approach that supports their individual and multifaceted interests. The Theatre Arts program highlights an interdisciplinary course of study that allows for a broad range of exploration in theatre as an artistic and educational endeavor. 

A degree in Theatre Arts prepares graduates for artistic and hands-on opportunities that can lead to jobs in the theatre field and/or creative arts leadership. Each student is uniquely mentored by faculty who are committed to seeing every student graduate in four years. At Illinois Wesleyan University, we pride ourselves on encouraging students to experience how theatre can be central to their liberal arts education. Our flexible degree path can be tailored to students’ interests and is inspired by the depth of coursework available at Illinois Wesleyan both within the School of Theatre Arts and across the university.

The program is designed for those who:

  • Want to build theatre skills in a liberal arts community.
  • Have multiple areas of interest in theatre as an artistic and educational endeavor. 
  • Aspire to professional careers where theatre is at the center of their experience. 
  • Want to enter into the job market as theatre artisans interested in performance, dramaturgy, artistic leadership, applied theatre, educational theatre, or more. 
  • Dream big and believe the sky is never the limit toward their educational goals.

Major Sequence in Theatre Arts:

A minimum of 10 course units in theatre arts to include:

A. THEA 105Y and/or THEA 106Y (12 enrollments)

B. THEA 110, 112, 141, 188, 220, 241, 355, 371, 372, 441

C. One of the following: THEA 291, 221, 288

Minor Sequence in Theatre Arts:

A minimum of seven course units to include:

1. THEA 102

2. THEA 241

3. THEA 220

4. One of the following: THEA 110 or THEA 112

5. Six enrollments in: THEA 105Y and 106Y

6. Three electives in Theatre Arts, two of which must be at the upper level

Students interested in declaring a minor in Theatre Arts must arrange an appointment with the Director of the School of Theatre Arts at their earliest convenience.

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