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Music Minor Degree Sequence

The School of Music offers a minor concentration in music that is intended for qualified students who have a background in music and who wish to complete a secondary concentration in this area to complement their studies in the liberal arts. The Minor in Music offers students with an interest in music (but who do not wish to pursue a major) the opportunity to explore and develop their musical interests and talents and consists of selected courses from the basic musicianship sequence, applied study, participation in appropriate ensembles, and electives within the School of Music. There is an additional fee for lessons for students pursuing the Minor in Music but who are not participating in the Jennings Scholarship Program. Students who wish to complete the Minor in Music are to consult with the Director of the School of Music or a designated music adviser for assistance with course selection and sequence.


Look at the Degree Checklist for information on the required course work.

7 units

* Survey of Music History 201 & 202 combined meets the Cultural and Historic Change (CH) General Education Requirement

** Meets the Arts (AR) General Education Requirement when Applied Lessons and an Ensemble are taken in conjuncture for one full year


Minor in Jazz Studies

The Minor in Jazz Studies program is designed for music majors and non-music majors who wish to acquire a substantial understanding of jazz music, particularly in the areas of arranging, harmony, history, improvisation, performance, and theory. This minor concentration is particularly attractive to music education majors, who when seeking teaching positions are often asked if they have a background in jazz music. Note that the requirements for this minor program are not identical for both music majors and for non-music majors. 

The total number of units is 5, and none of the courses cited below can also count toward any of the major degree programs for music. Music majors must also meet the prerequisites for each of these courses.

5 units

* Any combination of Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab Band, or Combo will meet this requirement, provided that students participate in at least one of these ensembles for a total of four semesters (also, the ensemble selected does not have to be the same one in each of the semesters).