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Jazz Combo

Jazz Combo

Director—Dr. Reginald Lewis

The Illinois Wesleyan jazz combo is a dynamic ensemble of talented students who share a passion for music. There is opportunity to record music, create and play original compositions, and arrange existing pieces to create unique music. At the heart of their musical exploration is a commitment to learning songs and honing their skills in improvisation.

Jazz Band at Jazz Upfront in 2023

Led by Dr. Lewis, the jazz combo engages in regular rehearsals where they explore a diverse repertoire of jazz standards, contemporary compositions, and their own original works. During these sessions, students collaborate closely, experimenting with different musical ideas, techniques, and styles.

One of the defining features of the Illinois Wesleyan jazz combo is their emphasis on improvisation. Through guided exercises and live performances, students have the opportunity to develop their improvisational abilities. This aspect of their training encourages creativity, spontaneity, and musical fluency, helping students to become their own musician.

The ensemble also places a strong emphasis on recording their music, providing students with valuable experience in studio production, sound engineering, and the technical aspects of music recording. These recordings serve as a showcase of the group's talent and creativity, allowing them to share their music with a wider audience and document their musical journey.