Associate Provost in the Office of Academic Affairs

Associate Provost

The Associate Provost fulfills responsibilities as assigned by the Provost. This is a full-time administration position, evaluated every four years by the faculty. S/he is a member of the President’s Cabinet, attends Board of Trustees meetings, and is an integral member of strategic planning initiatives.

The Associate Provost bears the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Maintains faculty salary information  
    1. Performs faculty salary modeling
    2. Updates salary budget to reflect staffing changes, promotions, and raises  
  2. Hires part-time adjunct faculty in consultation with the Associate Dean, department chairs, program directors, and school directors
    1. Oversees part-time salary budget  
    2. Issues adjunct faculty contracts   
  3. Generates the annual Units Report and maintains Banking System data (in coordination with Chairs and Directors) 
  4. Works with the Academic Affairs team to review course enrollments, loads, and scheduling 
  5. Manages the academic budget for permanent equipment, in consultation with the Chief Information Officer  
  6. Serves ex-officio on the Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee (URAC) and supports experiential learning initiatives, including John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference and the Center for Engaged Learning 
  7. Coordinates all-University honors programs including Presidential Scholars, Research Honors, and Dean’s List programs, oversees the selection of the Lincoln Laureate, and provides supporting structure for grants/scholarships and post-baccalaureate opportunities for students (Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, and others)  
  8. Contributes to the oversight of academic standards of the University 
    1. Addresses student academic concerns  
    2. Manages cases of academic dishonesty and disqualification from the University  
    3. Participates with the Registrar in hearing cases of academic disqualification  
    4. Works with the Director of Financial Aid on merit award eligibility
    5. Represents Academic Affairs on the Financial Aid Policy Committee 
  9. Contributes to compliance with external regulations  
    1. Works with the Director of Academic Advising & Coordinator of Disability Services to meet ADA requirements 
    2. Serve as the Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Academic Affairs 
    3. Serves ex-officio on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 
    4. Serves ex-officio on the Institutional Review Board (IRB)   
  10. Oversees editing the Academic Affairs portion of the University Catalog  
  11. Assigns and oversees space in academic facilities  
    1. Office space  
    2. Troubleshooting classroom space conflicts             
  12. Serves as Academic Affairs administrative representative to the Capital Projects Committee  
    1. Furniture and renovations of classrooms  
    2. Instructional technology updates  
    3. Renovations  
    4. New buildings  
  13. Supervises the Administrative Specialist, IV position  
  14. Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Provost & Dean of the Faculty