Careers of History Majors

The American Historical Association's newsmagazine Perspectives on History published the findings of the American Community Survey (ACS), showing the many career fields history majors enter. The Department of History's Pathways in the Crafting of History  program prepares students for these varied professional uses of a degree in History.

Those surveyed stated they were in full-time employment, were between the ages of 25 and 64, had achieved a bachelor’s degree or higher, and had either history or U.S. history as the field of study for their bachelor’s degree.

  • 18 percent were in education, training, and library.
  • 15 percent were in management for business, science, or the arts.
  • 11 percent held legal occupations.
  • 10 percent were in sales.
  • 10 percent were in office and administrative support.
  • 5 percent were in business operations.
  • 4 percent were in arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media.
  • 4 percent were in community and social services.
  • The remainder of those surveyed were employed in other fields.