Carolyn Nadeau, Byron S. Tucci Professor

Courses Taught at Illinois Wesleyan

Literature courses

Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Golden Age Theater

Don Quijote y su legado cultural

Los marginados y la sociedad en la novela del siglo de oro

La literatura medieval y su relevancia hoy

Culture courses

Images of the Baroque

Iberian Culture and Civilization

Food as Social Signifier in Early Modern Spain

Felipe IV y el Conde Duque de Olivares

El califato de Córdoba

Language courses

Elementary and Intermediate Spanish

Intermediate Conversation and Composition

Communicating Across Cultures in the Spanish-speaking World

Reading and Writing Culture

Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency for Health Care

Spanish for Social Justice

Business Spanish and its Cultural Context

Language Across the Curriculum: Marketing and Business Law

Advanced Grammar and Composition

General Education courses (in English)

First Year Humanities Seminar

Gateway: Embracing Undecideness. Designing Your Liberal Arts Experience at IWU

Barcelona through its Fiction (in Barcelona)

Literature in Translation: Don Quixote

World of Ideas: From Constantinople to Córdoba: Exploring the “Dark Ages” and Beyond

Changing Tastes: A History of Food in London (in London)

Gateway: Are We What We Eat? Food, Identity and Control