Carolyn Nadeau, Byron S. Tucci Professor

Courses Taught at Illinois Wesleyan

Literature courses

Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Golden Age Theater

Don Quijote y su legado cultural

Los marginados y la sociedad en la novela del siglo de oro

La literatura medieval y su relevancia hoy

Culture courses

Images of the Baroque

Iberian Culture and Civilization

Food as Social Signifier in Early Modern Spain

Felipe IV y el Conde Duque de Olivares

El califato de Crdoba

Language courses

Elementary and Intermediate Spanish

Intermediate Conversation and Comp

Reading and Writing Culture

Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency for Health Care

Spanish for Social Justice

Business Spanish and its Cultural Context

Language Across the Curriculum: Marketing and Business Law

Advanced Grammar and Composition

General Education courses (in English)

First Year Humanities Seminar

Gateway: Embracing Undecideness. Designing Your Liberal Arts Experience at IWU

Barcelona through its Fiction (in Barcelona)

Literature in Translation: Don Quixote

World of Ideas: From Constantinople to Crdoba: Exploring the “Dark Ages” and Beyond

Changing Tastes: A History of Food in London (in London)

Gateway: Are We What We Eat? Food, Identity and Control