Carmela Ferradáns


Carmela Ferradans

Professor of Hispanic Studies

B.A. - University of Santiago de Compostela; M.A. - University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Ph.D. - University of California, Irvine

Carmela Ferradáns teaches all levels of Spanish language, literature and cultural history of Spain, as well as writing intensive courses for the Writing Program. As chair of IWU's Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning she has ventured into the field of multimodal pedagogies, especially those dealing with writing and speaking across the curriculum. Her critical studies on the poetry of Ana Rossetti are well known, particularly her intertextual reading of the Calvin Klein advertising campaign of the eighties. She is the editor and translator of Incessant Beauty: A Bilingual Anthology (New York: 2Leaf Press, 2014) which offers a wide range of Rossetti's poetry in dual language, Spanish/English. Ferradáns is also a poet in her own right. In 2006 she published a poetry chapbook, My Right Breast and Other Poems, with eight poems engaging directly with the aftermath of breast cancer and radiation. Her true passion is figuring out how different forms of high and low art talk to each other.